When It Comes to Sales, Bob Wilkinson Ottawa Says This Factor is the Most Important

When It Comes to Sales, Bob Wilkinson From Ottawa Says This Factor is the Most Important

OTTAWA, ON, CANADA, July 26, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Looking for the “secret ingredient” for making sales? Bob Wilkinson, a leading salesperson in Ottawa, discusses why “trust” is perhaps the most important factor for locking up sales.

A career in sales takes a lot of work, but if you’re good at it, you could earn a high income and have a lot of fun along the way. Bob Wilkinson is a leading car salesman in Ottawa, and over the years he’s learned a lot about making sales. Mr. Wilkinson believes that trust is vital when selling products and services. Let’s see why.

“People don’t want to buy from companies and salespeople they can’t trust,” Bob Wilkinson from Ottawa says. “Even if a product seems like a good deal at a great price, they may wonder if something is wrong with it, or if there’s some sort of catch.”

As a salesperson, you should first try to establish trust with your potential customers. Otherwise, they may ignore your sales pitch and may come to personally dislike you. If you can establish trust, on the other hand, they may come to see you as a trusted advisor.

“The first thing I try to do when meeting with potential customers is to establish trust,” Bob Wilkinson says. “I listen to them and their needs. If someone tells me they need a vehicle with a lot of storage space, for example, I might immediately tell them about cars they should rule out."

Why tell customers about a car they don't want? Mr. Wilkinson notes that "this way, they know from the get-go that I won’t push a vehicle on them that’s a bad fit.”

As a salesperson, it helps to think of yourself as a matchmaker. Rather than simply trying to sell as much as you can, ask 'what products or services do I offer that best fit the customer’s needs?' By helping customers find products and services that they need and can get the most use out of, you’ll establish trust.

This sales strategy might ocassionally cost you some upfront sales. However, you may find that customers come back to you time and time again.

“Many of my customers here in Ottawa are repeat customers,” Bob Wilkinson notes. “They know they can rely on me and that I won’t just try to inflate my sales numbers. And this leads to great lifetime value for both me and them.”

Bob Wilkinson From Ottawa Reflects on Trust and the Economy

In many ways, selling and buying are ultimately a matter of trust. Let’s say you’re buying a used automobile in Ottawa. You’re not going to pay CAD 10,000 or even CAD 5,000 if you think the owner is lying about the condition of the transmission or engine.

Even when it comes to simply accepting money, there’s a degree of trust involved. If you think that the money is counterfeit or are worried about hyperinflation, you may not want to accept cash from someone at all. Likewise, when you order goods online, you expect them to be delivered.

“Trust is a vital part of society here in Ottawa and across the world,” Bob Wilkinson argues. “When you slow down and think about it, our global economy couldn’t function if we couldn’t trust one another to some degree.”

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