Pros and Cons of Motorcycle Travel

There is nothing as exciting as going on a thrilling road trip with a motorcycle. But before you give it a try, read this post to know its pros and cons.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 31, 2021 / — There is a popular quote that says, traveling by motorcycle is one of the best ways to really explore a place – and we totally agree! No matter where you are going, traveling by motorcycle makes a truly unique and unforgettable experience. It gives you the feeling of total freedom and is another way to see and enjoy the delights of the open road.

But as exciting as motorcycle travel might sound, there are also some risks involved with it. It is not always as beautiful as those photos of travelers posing with their full-equipped motorbikes on Instagram. So, to prepare you for any unpleasant surprises that might pop up on your journey, here is a list of some of the pros and cons of long motorcycle trips.

Pros of Motorcycle Travel
• You are immersed in your travel: With other forms of travel, you are confined to a metal box and looking through the window like a passive watcher. But travel by motorcycle is a different ballgame. You’re stepping into the landscape and getting immersed in it. You feel the cool breeze on your face, the warm sun on your skin; you notice how the wind swishes around your body and even enjoy the occasional bug-eating. With motorcycle travel, you are actively participating in the whole scenery and not just passing by.

• Freedom and Flexibility: The freedom that comes with traveling by motorcycle is exhilarating. Imagine riding down the road and seeing a breathtaking view. You can pull over and admire it for as long as you can without worrying if the tour bus left you or not. You can move and stop as you like, eat wherever you want to, and can take bathroom breaks whenever you feel like it.

• Easy to go around traffic jams in big cities: Taking a trip to big cities like Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Delhi, Bangkok means you will always find traffic jams that stretch over long distances. But riding a bike gives you an advantage, as you can easily maneuver your way and spend less time on the road. That is 100points for motorcycle travel!

• Try Out A Minimalist Lifestyle: Have you been struggling with the act of decluttering your space? Well, you can become better at it with motorcycle travel. With little or no space for storage, motorcycle travel will teach you how to live with few things, decide what’s truly important, and only grab the essentials.

• Discover and explore more: Motorcycle travel helps you discover and explore more places that you would have ordinarily missed out on. Tour buses mostly visit popular and well-established tourist attraction sites. But with your bike, you can get off the beaten tracks, roam freely and discover hidden gems that other tourists overlook. It also allows you to interact well with the locals and learn things you can’t probably find on the internet. If this is not adventurous, I don’t know what else is!

• Better Body and Food Choice: Traveling by motorcycle keeps you physically fit and helps you eat healthily. You learn how to eat more salads, nuts, light food, and avoid fatty meals that can make you sleepy. And since you will be visiting more rural areas with your bike, you can also try organic and unique local delicacies.

• Take Better Pictures: How easy is it to take pictures when riding on a plane or train? But riding on a motorcycle makes it easy to stop and take beautiful photos that you will love for years to come. You can film the winding roads with your GoPro and even take badass pictures wearing your motorcycle gear.

• It is Cheaper: Motorcycle travel is cheaper because it cost less to fill up the gas tank since it is much smaller than that of a car or RV. Also, you get to spend less gas on longer journeys as opposed to traveling by car. You save more money, spend less time at the gas station and also explore more places. Definitely a win-win situation!

• You can go solo or group: Riding a motorcycle allows you to plan how you want your trip. You can decide to go solo, travel with your lover, or join group travel.

Cons of Motorcycle Travel
• More Vulnerability to Harsh Weather: The weather can be unpredictable sometimes. It could be warm and happy one minute, and the other minute, you are battling thunderstorms, extreme cold, or monsoon rains. Moments like this take away the fun of motorcycle travel and make you wish you were riding in a metal box. Sometimes you have to go long distances to get shelter, and you are at more risk of catching a cold. But having a good and waterproof motorcycle riding jackets can reduce your helplessness.

• Less Road Safety: Traveling by motorcycle is not always pink and rosy. Just riding on the curves of a mountain range can be very risky because anything can result in a fall or crash. Even the wind slapping on your face can distract you from the road, so it is better to wear your riding gear at all times.

• Motorcycle Safety: Where to keep your motorcycle while camping outdoor or going for an excursion is another problem with this travel form. You cannot park your bike anyhow as you risk losing or having it stolen, and this can limit your fun.

• Body Pains: People only show the glamorous side of motorcycle travel and keep out the dark side of this travel form. Riding long distances can cause inflamed back muscles, knee atrophy, shoulder ache, and painful knots in the fingers.

Final Thoughts: Motorcycle travel is a fun and beautiful way of seeing the world. So don’t let the cons stop you from having this awesome experience.

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Don Hamme Awarded Fritzie Baer Trophy

Don Hamme receives Fritzie Baer award

It was the least he could do for Hamme because of the dedication he has shown to the Rally.”

— Charlie St. Clair

LACONIA, NH, UNITED STATES, July 30, 2021 / — The 2021 Fritzie Baer trophy for above and beyond service to Laconia Motorcycle Week Motorcycle Rally has been awarded to Don Hamme of Erie, PA.

For the past fifteen years, Hamme has been a promoter of Motorcycle Week throughout the Western PA, Western New York and Eastern Ohio region giving talks, making calls and distributing the Rally News to motorcycle enthusiasts. Hamme is a tireless booster for the rally. At times, showing his dedication through acts such as meeting a train at 4:30am and lugging hundreds of pounds of magazines through the train station.

Recently, Charlie St. Clair, Executive of the Laconia Motorcycle Week Association, drove 1,000 miles round-trip to Erie, PA to surprise Hamme with the trophy as Hamme was unable to attend this year’s rally. St. Clair commented, “It was the least he could do for Hamme because of the dedication he has shown to the Rally.”

The Fritzie Baer Trophy was first awarded in 1996 and has been received by the likes of Governor John Lynch, Peter Makris of the Naswa Resort, Laconia Mayor Ed Engler and Laconia Police Chief Matt Canfield over the past 20 years, just to name a few. Fritzie Baer was a true booster for the Rally leading the Red Hat Brigade, a group of supporters who raised funds to put on the Rally. Baer was the lead charge for the Rally and is credited with bringing the AMA Road Champion Races to Laconia in 1938.

Jennifer Anderson
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American SoundBar Launches Its Redesigned Online Store of Custom Jeep SoundBars

An industry leader in audio manufacturing and distributing custom Jeep SoundBars has unveiled its newly redesigned online store.

STROUDSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, July 30, 2021 / — Representatives with American SoundBar® announced today the official launch of its redesigned online store of custom Jeep SoundBars.

“We are very excited about this,” said Diana Mendez, spokesperson for American SoundBar, automotive parts store in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

The newly redesigned online store of custom Jeep SoundBars features a professional, clean, and responsive design. A responsive design means that the online store automatically adjusts to fit the device the website visitor is using, providing smooth and user-friendly navigation.

Whether the website visitor is using a desktop, laptop, tablet, cell phone, or even a watch, the redesigned online store fits perfectly on any device.

American SoundBar’s redesigned online store of custom Jeep SoundBars features a wide variety of items, such as:

• JL/JT American Soundbar "Jbl Power" Kit

• JL/JT American Soundbar "Kicker" Kit

• JL/JT American Soundbar "Prv" Kit

• TJ American Soundbar "Prv Slim"Kit

• TJ American Soundbar "American Bass" Kit

• Pre-Wire American Soundbar- JK/JKU, TJ/YJ, and JL/JT Jeep Wrangler Audio System

• JBL Stadium 4-Channel Amplifier

• Kicker RGB Led Controller

• JBL Basspro Go Subwoofer and Portable Bluetooth Speaker

• American Soundbar 8" Mesh Speaker Grills

and more.

According to Mendez, American SoundBar’s basic principles of American Innovation and Jeep functionality are the staples of its unique audio design and engineering.

For more information, please visit


About American SoundBar®

American SoundBar® is the premier audio manufacturer and distributor of custom Jeep SoundBars. Our basic principles of American Innovation and Jeep functionality are the staples of our unique audio design and engineering.

Contact Details:

200 N 1st Street
Suite B2
Stroudsburg, PA 18360
United States

Diana Mendez
American SoundBar®
+1 570-369-4010
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Fluoramics Introduces Rust Breaking Penetrant

Bust That Rust Aerosol

Bust That Rust Aerosol

Applying Bust That Rust to a Vice Grip

Applying Bust That Rust to a Vice Grip

Applying Bust That Rust to a Bicycle Tire

Applying Bust That Rust to a Bicycle Tire

Bust That Rust available in aerosol for ease of application

WINONA, MINNESOTA, UNITED STATES, July 30, 2021 / — Fluoramics has introduced Bust That Rust, a synthetic penetrating oil engineered to break through rust.

Bust That Rust is engineered to provide the ultimate in rust-breaking capabilities. Its foaming action allows the penetrant to soak deep into and beyond the areas to which it is applied. Solvent free, it will not evaporate, and it lubricates while breaking through existing rust. Bust That Rust will also help prevent new rust from forming.

This rust busting agent comes in an 11.5 oz. aerosol can for ease of application, along with an attached straw for smaller or hard to reach areas. Bust That Rust is perfect for use on nuts/bolts, padlocks, shafts, flanges, hinges and all other rusted metal parts. It is part of the HinderRUST family of products engineered to lubricate while combatting corrosion.

Fluoramics, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of sealants, greases, lubricants and rust inhibitors, all of which are engineered PTFE solutions. Founded in 1967, the company is based in Winona, Minnesota, and proudly manufactures all of its products in the United States. To learn more about Fluoramics’ products, please visit the company's website at

Patti Reick
Fluoramics, Inc.
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Using Bust That Rust on Rust Bolts

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Signature Auto Group Makes Game-Changing Move with New Florida Expansion

Signature Auto Group Florida logo

The expansion is a result of the vast number of people moving from the Northeast US to Florida.

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, July 30, 2021 / — Signature Auto Group is pleased to announce it is expanding its operations to Florida in an exciting game-changing move for the company.

Signature Auto Group is a trusted car leasing company, recognized with an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. For the past 15 years, the company has been serving the people of the New York and Tri-State areas with all their vehicle needs, from leasing and financing, to used car sales, and insurance. A true one stop shop for car shopping is now in Florida with the arrival of Signature Auto Group Florida.

Signature Auto Group Florida’s grand opening is in part due to the large number of Northeastern US residents making the move to Florida, which the company attributes to the ongoing global pandemic and the surge in baby boomers retiring. The influx of people from places like New York City and Boston into Florida’s cities has created a need for a more convenient and affordable car leasing platform. Bringing over 15 years of experience along with them, the Signature Florida team is poised to shake up the automotive industry within Florida.

“We always strive to meet the needs of consumers and we see a need in Florida to provide reputable auto leasing services in the state,” says a spokesperson for the company. “As such, we feel our recent expansion will help new Floridians receive the best care possible when leasing a new vehicle and we are proud to be able to serve residents of the state.”

Using Signature Auto Group Florida’s modern website, you can lease a car fully online, whether you are on a beach in Miami or your pool in Palm Beach. Signature’s completely online leasing experience includes attractive options like sign and drive leasing and zero down leasing, which is now proudly offered in Florida! All of this, coupled with complimentary delivery, makes Signature Auto Group Florida’s service second to none.

To support Floridians in finding the vehicle of their dreams, Signature Auto Group Florida offers a host of fully online and remote leasing options and benefits, including:

●Shop lease deals online from the comfort of the home or office
●All brands and models available
●Complimentary delivery
●No wasting time at dealerships
●Flexible financing and leasing terms
●Offering vehicle insurance from over 20 different carriers
●And more!

What truly sets the company apart from the competition, however, is its zero-pressure sales practices and vast experiences – both of which are unparalleled in the industry.

For more information about Signature Auto Group Florida, please visit

About Signature Auto Group Florida

Signature Auto Group is a reputable car leasing company, based in New York and Florida. The company’s talented, loyal, and motivated staff go above and beyond to support clients before, during, and after leasing a vehicle – a claim most other companies simply cannot make. Signature Auto Group boasts extensive inventory including all brands and models of vehicles, with numerous specials being offered throughout the year.

Signature Auto Group Florida
+1 561-709-2277

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VAIS Technology Now Selling Aftermarket Accessories for Cars from 22 Manufacturers

An industry leader for vehicle technology is now selling aftermarket accessories.

ENGLEWOOD, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, July 30, 2021 / — Representatives with VAIS Technology announced today that the company is now selling aftermarket accessories for cars from 22 manufacturers.

“We are very excited about this,” said Dennis Hopper, executive vice president and spokesperson for VAIS Technology, which won the Best Mobile Electronics Product Award at the 2019 SEMA show, the largest Automotive Aftermarket show in the world, where 1,300 products are entered to win the award for 16 different categories.

Hopper revealed that the aftermarket accessories for cars that it is selling encompass the following 22 manufacturers: Alfa Romeo, Buick, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Ford, GMC, Honda, Hyundai, Jeep, Kia, Land Rover, Lexus, Mazda, Mercedes, Nissan, Porsche, Scion, Subaru, Toyota, and Volkswagen.

The company’s SEER – Smart Entry Exit Recognition – automation system for classic vehicles was recognized at Good-Guys Nationals with “Best Electrical Product” award. Based on proximity, SEER can automatically lock your car, keep the lights on as you are leaving, and turn them off once you’re gone, turn the lights on when you approach, and unlock your doors before you touch the handle.

VAIS Technology, a SEMA member, SEMA Pro member, Mobile Electronics Association (MEA) member, aims to adapt today’s vehicle technology for the everyday car. The company’s two product lines help vehicle owners add satellite radio to their standard factory stereo and add Bluetooth audio to their standard factory stereo.

“Our vehicle enhancement products are preferred by auto dealers and vehicle customization professionals because they do not alter any existing factory equipment,” Hopper said, before adding, “When you add a VAIS Technology product to your car, you can rest assured that your factory-installed stereo will remain under factory warranty.”

For more information, please visit and


About VAIS Technology

VAIS Technology was founded in 2003, at a time when vehicle technology was evolving. We have a passion for both automobiles and technology, so our goal is to provide consumers with tech features that automakers haven’t yet embraced or have implemented only on higher trim packages.

Contact Details:

8811 American Way, Unit 125
Englewood, CO 80112
United States

Dennis Hopper
VAIS Technology
+1 303-328-5216
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AI Forklift Training Ltd Launches brand new website dedicated to forklift training

AI Forklift Training Ltd. Logo

AI Forklift Training offers forklift, reach truck, walkie/rider, walkie stacker, WHMIS and dangerous goods by ground training

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, July 30, 2021 / — AI Forklift Training Ltd. Has just launched a brand-new website with new courses added.

AI Forklift Training Ltd. is committed to providing you exceptional customer service and is looking forward to supplying you with our exceptional service and great rates. Our comprehensive forklift training course meets or exceeds the CSA and B335-15 standards and the Ontario Ministry of labour guidelines for the safe operation of powered lift trucks. With our interactive training course, your employees will emerge with far more information and knowledge and be more productive.

Our company exceeds the CSA Standard and the Ontario Ministry of Labor’s Guidelines for the Safe Operation of Powered Lift Trucks as well as OSHA compliant. We serve all business types all over the greater Toronto area with exceptional quality training programs and professional instructors with over 25 years experience.

At AI Forklift Training Ltd. We are committed to bringing you the highest quality in customer service. Our friendly staff provides exceptional solutions to your everyday needs.

We believe that giving the best and thorough training available is a great foundation to start a new and exciting chapter in one’s life or give existing operators the continued education and support to further their careers. Our approach to training is unique and more traditional with our interactive training sessions. We make sure that every student gets 100% out of our training courses, after all, your success is our success.

Our instructors are a dedicated group who are friendly and put your needs first and provide the best customer service anywhere. We are always listening and taking suggestions to improve our relationship with our customers. We offer training for counterbalance forklifts (propane and electric), Reach trucks, Walkie/Rider, Walkie Stacker. We also offer refresher courses for all lift trucks.

After completing the training course, each operator’s theory knowledge will be assessed using a multiple-choice test and practical evaluation of their ability to operate a forklift truck in a safe and efficient manner. Upon successful completion of the evaluation, each operator will receive a wallet size ID forklift license and Certificate of Achievement

Started in 2021, AI Forklift Training Ltd.’s mission is to provide quality training at great prices and to provide awareness for the safe operation of all industrial forklifts. For more information, please visit
Andy Igneczi, Owner

Andy Igneczi
AI Forklift Training Ltd.
+1 289-923-2463
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Aston Martin F1 Team Signs Sponsor Blockchain Algorithms

Blockchain Algorithms Sponsorship

Aston Martin F1 Team Sign Blockchain Algorithms

Aston Martin Lagonda Global Holdings PLC (LSE:AML.L)

I'm hugely proud that we can start this new chapter with the support of Blockchain Algorithms.”

— Lawrence Stroll

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, July 29, 2021 / — The recently-rebranded Aston Martin Formula One team has secured UK based Data Management Company Blockchain Algorithms.

The team will be officially known as the Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One Team after rebranding from Racing Point over the winter. Austrian water company BWT was the team's title sponsor, which took over from betting company SportsPesa at the start of 2020.

An image released by Blockchain Algorithms shows prominent branding on the sidepod of a green Formula One car, although the team's definitive livery will not be unveiled until next March at a launch event at Aston Martin's HQ in Gaydon.

The F1 team, previously known as Force India, was bought by a consortium of investors led by Canadian billionaire Lawrence Stroll in 2018 and ran under the name Racing Point in the second half of 2018, 2019 and 2020. However, Stroll's recent purchase of a significant stake in the Aston Martin car company led to the rebranding of the F1 team over the winter.

"The return of Aston Martin to Formula One after more than 60 years away is a landmark moment in the history of the sport," Stroll said. "Everyone knows what Aston Martin stands for, but the Formula One team will allow us to take the essence of the brand to new places, building on the strong foundations laid by the previous iterations of the team.

"I'm hugely proud that we can start this new chapter with the support of Blockchain Algorithms. In today's world, as the digital revolution continues, I can't think of a more suitable or valuable partner to work with us as we strive to make Aston Martin one of the greatest teams in the sport."

Former Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel will also join Aston Martin in sponsoring Blockchain Algorithms.

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KPIT joins Autonomous Vehicle Computing Consortium to contribute insights and expertise in software development

KPIT joins leaders from mobility to contribute to bringing best practices in the development of complex autonomous driving software.

NOVI, MI, USA, July 29, 2021 / — KPIT joins Autonomous Vehicle Computing Consortium to contribute insights and expertise in software development for autonomous driving technology

 KPIT joins leaders from mobility to contribute to bringing best practices in the development of complex autonomous driving software
 KPIT will bring rich and practical experiences in developing autonomous driving production software
 The consortium will find the best solutions around critical hardware and software platforms

Pune, India | Novi, USA | 29th July 2021: KPIT Technologies, a leading independent software development, and integration partner to the automotive and mobility industry, announced joining the Autonomous Vehicle Computing Consortium™ (AVCC). It marks continued efforts to lead the software technology journey with global mobility leaders toward an autonomous future.

KPIT joins leading OEMs, Tier 1s, and semiconductor companies, such as GM, Toyota, Subaru, Veoneer, ARM, Bosch, NXP, Renesas as a member of the AVCC to collaborate and contribute to autonomous driving technology.

AVCC is a global collaboration of automotive and technology industry leaders focused on automated and assisted driving compute solutions. The way autonomous driving solutions are developed is changing rapidly both from the hardware and software perspectives. The role of semiconductors, middleware, operating systems, and importantly embedded software is changing. AVCC helps bring organizations deeply invested in this space to discuss and find solutions for the future.

KPIT’s expertise and insights from Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)/ Autonomous Driving (AD) development for more than a decade and working on 50+ vehicle production programs will help make key contributions to this consortium on software architectures, platforms, and components.

Mr. Anup Sable, CTO, KPIT Technologies, said, “We are an early entrant and have been investing in ADAS and AD software competencies for over a decade. As a result, several OEMs and Tier 1s count us as a strategic partner in the development of autonomous vehicles of the future. AVCC gives us a great forum to bring insights and share experiences specifically around software, middleware, and AUTOSAR.”

Mr. Giuseppe Rosso, AVCC Chairperson, said, “The AVCC is excited to welcome KPIT in the Consortium. We value KPIT expertise in the ADAS/AD vehicle space and the Consortium is looking forward for their important technical contributions to the working groups and to overall AVCC activities.”

About KPIT
KPIT is a leading independent software development and integration partner helping mobility leapfrog towards a clean, smart, and safe future. With 7000 automobelievers across the globe specializing in embedded software, AI, and digital solutions, KPIT accelerates clients’ implementation of next-generation technologies for the future mobility roadmap. With engineering centers in Europe, the USA, Japan, China, Thailand, and India, KPIT works with leaders in automotive and mobility and is present where the ecosystem is transforming. For more details visit

About AVCC
The Autonomous Vehicle Computing Consortium, Inc.™ (AVCC) is a global non-profit group of automotive and technology industry leaders coming together to help accelerate mass production of safe and affordable vehicles with assisted driving and autonomous technology (levels 1-5). The AVCC is defining a scalable reference architecture and platform to meet the assisted and autonomous performance goals within the power, thermal and size constraints of a vehicle. This computing platform will be designed specifically to move today’s AV prototype systems to deployment at scale. The group is also collaborating to develop requirements for the compute platform architecture, its hardware requirements, and software APIs for each building block in autonomous vehicle systems.


Mohit Kochar
Global Head , Marketing |

Sunil Ravish
Director , Marketing | Media Relations |

Sunil Ravish
KPIT Technologies

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Brief History of Kawasaki Motorcycles


Brief History of Kawasaki Motorcycles

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 29, 2021 / — Brief History of Kawasaki Motorcycles
Known as one of the “Big-four” in the motorcycle industry, Kawasaki has grown from a small shipping company into a large Japanese conglomerate that is recognized globally for its premium manufacturing. But how well do you know the 140-year old company that produces the fastest bikes in the world or what it did before it ventured into motorcycle manufacturing? This article is here to give you the history of Kawasaki motorcycles.

Humble Beginnings
Founded by Shozo Kawasaki in 1878, Kawasaki Heavy Industries originally started as a small shipping company before joining the Japanese shipbuilding industry. The company later expanded to locomotives and train cars manufacturing before building Japan’s first submarine during the Russo-Japanese war. By the early 1910s, Kawasaki was manufacturing a large percentage of Japan's naval fleet and even built the Japanese military aircraft in 1922 after World War I. From building ships, locomotives, submarines, aircraft, helicopters, and industrial equipment, Kawasaki ventured into robot manufacturing and created Japan’s first industrial robot in 1969.
In 1960, Kawasaki took over Meguro motorcycles –a major key player and only Japanese motorcycle manufacturer to produce a 500cc bike. This opened up a new era for the company as they produced their first B8 125cc two-stroke motorcycle models in 1961. In 1962, Kawasaki released its second series of two-stroke models ranging from 50cc – 250cc and in that same year, its 250cc disc-valve “Samurai” began to draw the attention of the motorcycle in the U.S.

Early Success
4 years later, Kawasaki launched the 650WI that was inspired by the BSA A10 in 1966 and this model became the biggest Japanese-made bike of that year. Following the huge acceptance of 650WI, the company released the first Kawasaki HI to the public in 1969. Also known as the Mach III, the motorcycle was powered by a 500cc Mach III two-stroke triple engine that created a big reputation for the brand in the U.S as one of the fastest bikes. That same year, Kawasaki dropped the bigger and smaller version of H1 – an H2 bike powered by a 750cc two-stroke triple engine and S1 (250cc), which became a huge success both on and off the racing track.

In 1973, the company launched its first four-stroke 900cc ZI motorcycle. The monstrous bike offered riders more power, performance, and overhead cams. In subsequent years to come, the 900 Z1 was continuously remodeled to offer more performance and was later renamed the Z-1000. Kawasaki released another impressive bike in 1978, the KZ1300 motorcycle that had a water-cooling and shaft drive. The racing world was not left out of Kawasaki's emerging dominance as they won a total of 7 titles over a period of 3 years, thereby bringing more recognition to the brand.

Increased Recognition
Good things continued to happen to the leading motorcycle manufacturing company, as they released their first supersport Z1100 GP in 1980 and also won the manufacturer’s title in the 150cc class ELMWorld Road Racing Championship for the fourth time in a row in 1981.
In 1982, Kawasaki diversified its sales operation by selling the Z400 GP and Z1000R to the Japanese and American markets. The company's most notable and first liquid-cooled engine, GPZ 900R was produced in 1983. The bike achieved the feat of 250km/h and was later renamed Ninja in 1984 to bring in more sales for the company.
Kawasaki’s fastest production bike for 5 years, ZZR-110 was launched in 1990. The ZZR-110 came with a 1052cc engine, strong frame, and a decent suspension belt that endeared it to bike racers. Other notable models like the GPz 1100, ABS, and the off-road Super Supra was also introduced by the company in the late 90s.

Global Success
The beginning of the Millenium came with a bang following the increased sales of the Ninja ZX-12R in the U.S in 2000. This powerful beast had a maximum output of 178PS, a 1200cc engine, and an aluminum monocoque frame that made it a beauty to behold. By 2003, Kawasaki launched three more models under the lineup – Ninja ZX 6RR, a street bike Z1000, and the Ninja ZX-6R. The ZX 6RR and ZX 6R were designed to be the quickest circuit bikes in their class and over the next few years, they became the most potent middleweight in the racing industry due to their increased performance.
2004 marked the 20th anniversary of the most famous Kawasaki bike, GPR 900R, and to commemorate the event, the bike was remodeled into the ZX-10R. This supersport model won the “Master Bike” title two times and also emerged victorious in other racing series around the world. In 2006, Kawasaki built its most powerful engine ever, Ninja ZX-14 with an aerodynamic aluminum monocoque chassis that delivered high staggering performance on track events.
From 2007 to 2014, the company made a comeback model for all its motorcycle lineups by adding more features, faster engines, and upgrades in style, design, and performance. In 2015, Kawasaki built the Ninja H2 to celebrate its 50th anniversary in the motorcycle manufacturing industry. The Ninja H2 was a supercharged 1000cc inline-four-cylinder motorcycle that became the star of uncountable racing series all over the world due to its whooping performance and blistering speed of 249mph. The H2R motorcycle was later remodeled for sports racing in the form of H2 SX in 2016. Today, Kawasaki boasts 34 production models, 17 discontinued models, and more than one million motorcycles produced worldwide.

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