Bob Wilkinson Ottawa Offers This Advice for Aspiring Sales People

Bob Wilkinson Ottawa

Bob Wilkinson Ottawa

Bob Wilkinson Ottawa Offers This Advice for Aspiring Sales People

OTTAWA, ON, CANADA, March 3, 2021 / — There are a lot of sales jobs out there, but it can also be a tough career. Some people have a certain “it” factor that makes them great at sales. But for many people, selling is a skill that must be cultivated. Sales guru Bob Wilkinson Ottawa admits that he’s long had a natural affinity to selling, but he’s also grown his skills over the years. And now, he’s going to share some insightful selling tips.

“Let’s begin with how you start your day,” Bob Wilkinson Ottawa says. “It’s important to build confidence. While you’re driving to work or sitting at the desk, imagine yourself as a confident, calm salesperson. Cultivate that image in your mind, and remind yourself, that you are a confident person and that you can do this.”

By setting an internal image of yourself as a sales guru, you set a goal for yourself, someone you can aspire to be. However, you need to develop more than an image to become a good salesperson.

“Empathy is important in sales,” Bobby Wilkinson Ottawa argues. “You need to understand your customers, their wants, their needs, and their limitations. When it comes to cars, for example, a wealthy, older client looking to spice up life might be best served by a roadster. A mom, on the other hand, needs something more practical, but still stylish, like an SUV.”

Of course, customers often can’t buy their dream car, home, or whatever else. Your goal as a salesperson is to help them meet as many needs as possible within their budget.

“One of my primary goals as a salesperson is matching a person with a vehicle that suits their needs,” Bobby Wilkinson Ottawa says. “This ensures a good experience, and when it comes time to buy another vehicle, they’re more likely to come back to you. Repeat sales are vital.”

Bob Wilkinson Ottawa Suggests You Study Your Products Closely

How do you match clients with the best possible product? Bobby Wilkinson Ottawa argues that you need to know your products inside and out. With cars, Bobby Wilkinson Ottawa makes sure he knows all the features, general reviews, potential shortcomings and strengths, and everything else.

“Customers often ask a lot of questions before signing on the dotted line,” Bobby Wilkinson Ottawa says. “Some sales people view this as a nuisance, but I see it as a positive. With each answer to their questions, you can build a better case for why a particular car or whatever else is a good fit for them.”

Bobby Wilkinson Ottawa says a lot of sales people don’t know their products well-enough.

“I sometimes notice when people are trying to sell me furniture, electronics, or whatever that they don’t really know their products,” Bobby Wilkinson Ottawa says. “Huge mistake, it puts the power of knowledge in the customers’ hands. You need to be a product expert if you want to become a sales guru.”

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