Virtual Driver Interactive Launches Risk Mitigation Program, Advanced Driver Safety™, Focused on Reducing APMM

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Investing in risk mitigation and innovative driver training solutions, such as ADS, will preserve fleet budgets and improve the bottom line.”

— Bob Davis, VDI General Manager

EL DORADO HILLS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 18, 2021 / — Virtual Driver Interactive, Inc. (VDI), the leading provider of simulation-based driver training solutions, today announced that they are expanding their product portfolio by launching Advanced Driver Safety (ADS), the latest in a series of simulation-based driver training courses designed to challenge experienced fleet drivers. Focused on reducing accidents per million miles, ADS teaches collision avoidance techniques and provides validation to both drivers and organizations on the ability to utilize those techniques in real world situations.

Nestlé Waters, "The Healthy Hydration Company”, and the world’s largest bottled water company, partnered with Virtual Driver Interactive to participate in a driver safety pilot program in October. As a result, Nestlé Waters will be moving forward with the purchase of simulators equipped with VDI's Advanced Driver Safety software designed to reduce accident rates and improve driver safety performance at key distribution sites in the Northeast.

Other organizations utilizing VDI’s simulation-based safety programs include the United States Postal Service, PSE&G, GE Oil & Gas, ConEd, Ameren, National Grid and more. These safety-minded organizations recognize that the optimal way to save money is to keep their employees safe by providing effective training. In today’s litigious climate, “nuclear” legal verdicts (surpassing $10 million) are on the rise. Corporations are challenged to minimize training costs while reducing distracted driving and its impact on brand image and property damage. Combined with the current hazardous winter season, fleet managers can incur an increase in crashes, costly lawsuits, and personal injuries. ADS not only lowers crash incidents and associated expenses, but also dramatically lowers the cost of training while increasing the rate at which drivers are trained.

ADS is an innovative, fast-paced, highly engaging, and educational driver safety training course designed for corporate safety departments to use in new-hire assessment, fleet training, refresher courses, and driver intervention/correction. ADS consists of a core curriculum of 10 lessons, a pre and post assessment, and open-world drives for custom lessons or additional practice. It is an immersive learning experience that includes familiar road environments, weather conditions, and autonomous traffic. The distracted driving lesson includes drowsy driving, phone calls, texting, music selection as well as web surfing. The intelligent pedestrian system also provides more interactions and distractions for the driver as well. A key element of the fleet edition of the ADS program is vehicle-specific training mimicking an employee’s actual driving experience on the job including vans, SUVs, pickups, delivery trucks, passenger vehicles, and others.

ADS includes Vantage™, a complete driver management tool, which allows an administrator of the Advanced Driver Safety course to track the progress and performance of each driver. Vantage reports, in real-time, a driver’s assessment, performance, lesson progress and violations. Driving violations such as rolling stops, lane departures, speeding, etc. are measured.

ADS customers can choose to have their employees go through the program at their training centers/schools using either a full-size simulator with the realistic feel of a car or in the field by using the portable desktop simulator. Both systems feature an expansive, curved, high definition, super-wide aspect ratio monitor providing the ultimate, immersive experience.

“With today’s COVID-19 world we need to limit person-to-person contact so ride-alongs are no longer considered safe”, said Bob Davis, VDI General Manager. “ADS offers a 24/7 instructor that provides real-time feedback and coaching. It not only helps reduce driving errors but also provides proof of course completion allowing corporations to easily update training records. Moreover, while collision rates continue to increase, it is necessary for organizations to be ever-vigilant about fleet safety”, Davis continues. “Investing in risk mitigation and innovative driver training solutions, such as ADS, will preserve fleet budgets and improve the bottom line,” concluded Davis.

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Source: EIN Presswire