E x H Computational Electromagnetics Software Announces Release of v2.1 of the reTORT Optical Ray Tracer

Create spot diagram wizard and lens stack

Create spot diagram wizard and lens stack

Spot diagram wizard image plane plot

Spot diagram wizard image plane plot

Unlimited use of dummy surfaces

Unlimited use of dummy surfaces

v2.1.0 of the reTORT Optical Ray Tracer improves ease of use and functionality of the only ray tracer with native support for GRIN lenses and metasurfaces.

We proudly report that the improvements in the v2.1 reTORT Ray Tracer software come directly from our own Customer focus groups … and we'll continue using our Customer-focused and agile approach.”

— Tom DiClemente, CEO

STATE COLLEGE, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, October 19, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — E x H, Inc. is very proud to announce release of v2.1 of its increasingly popular reTORT Ray Tracer. Coupled with the included GEMSIF computational framework, reTORT allows the speedy design of complex optical lens systems, both traditional symmetrical lenses and optical systems of arbitrary or freeform geometry.

The reTORT Ray Tracer is also the only ray tracer on the market to include native support for gradient index lenses and the addition of metasurfaces. reTORT allows optical lens designers to design highly complex homogeneous lens systems better and faster. But reTORT also provides the capability to add the newest technologies to further reduce size and weight while at the same time increasing performance.

E x H is quickly leading the pack in making the power of geometrical and transformational optics available to every optical lens designer, university researcher and student.

E x H, Inc. is also proud of the source of suggestions for the improvements in v2.1. Almost all of the updates, improvements and added functionality came from focus groups with current reTORT licensees. E x H is working hard to provide Customers with the tools they need and will continue to follow a diligent Customer-focused and agile approach to development.

Some of the changes in v2.1 include:
• Use of Dummy and other Mid-Air Surfaces was not clear in our GUI. You can now use any number of Dummy surfaces and they are easily entered and editable from the lens stack.
• Obtain results from any surface including dummy surfaces.
• Improved focal plane controls in our Wizards. Now you can modify the focal plane location from any result Wizard rather than closing the Wizard and modifying it manually.
• Easier identification of surfaces in a lens stack by row number with consistent easy-to-use references in status, error messages and results.
• The thickness of the last surface is hidden so it is not accidentally used in specifying the working distance.
• An Image Plane surface type was added allowing you to specify the working distance to the focal plane in the lens stack editor.
• Fixed a bug that affected some mid-system results, now, coupled with the above, you can easily obtain results at any point in the lens stack.

Please visit the site to download v2.1 and update the version you are currently running.

For those who are not yet using our reTORT Ray Tracer, the same download link will provide you with a free two-week trial. Then visit our license pricing and ordering list at https://exhsw.com/retort-ray-tracer/#license-pricing when you decide to commit to the most technologically advanced ray tracer available today.

About E x H, Inc.
We are dedicated to providing you with advanced optical system simulation tools. These tools allow you to design optical systems that are smaller, lighter, faster and have greater clarity than ever before. Some of our solvers are licensed from Penn State University (https://www.psu.edu/). These solvers have been developed in PSU’s world-renowned Computational Electromagnetics and Antennas Research Laboratory (http://cearl.ee.psu.edu/). We have participated on multiple programs funded by DARPA that have allowed us to develop software on the leading edge of technology. Outside of the optical space, this same reTORT Ray Tracer was used to fast prototype the transformational optics that proved the concept for Isotropic Systems' high throughput, multi-beam satellite terminals (https://www.isotropicsystems.com/). On the business side, we have been backed by Gran Sasso Ventures (https://www.gsvlp.com/), the same venture capitalists that funded collaboration software firm Compoze Software, now a part of Oracle [ORCL:NYSE], and multitouch technology inventor FingerWorks, the driver of touch screen technology and now a part of Apple [AAPL:NASDAQ]. E x H is at the forefront of transformation optics.

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