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reduce operating costs & increase safety

NTSB Safety Expert Recommends Garnetread Aircraft Traction Tires

Efforts to prevent aircraft accidents are an ongoing concern. Ben Coleman, a former NTSB investigator and aviation safety expert says, “One safety concern that has not been adequately addressed is the physical point in time when the aircraft transitions from flying through the air to rolling on the ground. Lift off and touch down are crucial components of aviation safety, areas that account for 88% of all accidents. There have been only subtle changes in aviation tire design and rubber based compounds until now. Garnetread’s patented traction formula infuses semi-precious garnets in aircraft tires increasing traction and control in all weather conditions.” Ben Coleman, states “Garnetread’s traction technology used in aircraft tires, will result in lives saved and reduced operational costs.”

Visit www.garnetread.com to view two videos with Ben Coleman and James Schiller, Garnetread’s CEO & Founder at the Reno Air Race and Sun ‘n Fun Air Show, discussing aircraft safety and the importance of newly available aircraft tire technology, originally broadcast on the Florida Aircraft Network.

When Aircraft Use Garnetread’s Patented Tires…
Stopping Distance is ———————————>DECREASED
Tire Wear is———————————————> DECREASED
Friction on Wet and Icy Surfaces is—————>INCREASED
Directional Control Below Flying Speed is——>INCREASED
Cost Savings is——————————————>INCREASED

Wilkerson Aircraft Tires has recently agreed to manufacture Garnetread Formula Infused Aircraft tires for commercial sales following FAA certification.

Wilkerson Aircraft Tires offers new, retread and tire maintenance solutions for all types of aircraft. Wilkerson specializes in retreading Goodyear and Dunlop aircraft tires. Wilkerson is celebrating 73 years in the aircraft tire business and is a three-generation business that prides itself on providing customers with the personal attention and service they deserve whether an airline with 200 aircraft or private pilots. Visit Wilkerson Aircraft Tires website for Company, Product and Service information.

Wilkerson Aircraft Tires website: www.wilkersonaircrafttires.com
Contact: Bill Wilkerson Jr. phone: 434 645-9641 email: sales@wilkersonaircrafttires.com

Garnetread website: www.garnetread.com
Contact: James Scheller, CEO phone: 503 632-4422 email: jamesischeller@gmail.com

Garnetread is a member of and strong supporter of the NBAA

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