SaleSleeve releases printable, adhesive-free, exterior label technology

Print Buyers Guides and CarFax on SaleSleeve paper

Dealerships can print Buyer Guides on SaleSleeve Elite adhesive free, weatherproof paper label.

The new SaleSleeve Elite is a weatherproof printable label.

SalesSleeve Elite is easily applied and easily removed without leaving any residue

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SaleSleeve announces SaleSleeve Elite, an adhesive-free, printable synthetic paper used to display vehicle Equipment Lists, CarFax Reports, and Buyer Guides

In all my years of marketing dealership products, never have I seen a window sticker so advanced, that no matter the temperature or weather, it can be applied and peeled off without leaving residue.”

— John M. Miller, SaleSleeve Chief Strategy Officer

SMITHFIELD, VA, USA, June 24, 2020 / — SaleSleeve, a weatherproof document display company, announced today the release of its latest product, SaleSleeve Elite, a weatherproof, adhesive free, printable label designed for displaying sales information and required FTC Buyer’s Guides on vehicles, saving dealerships and lot service companies time and money.

“SaleSleeve Elite is different from anything else available today,” said John M. Miller, SaleSleeve’s CSO, explaining that the product, a vinyl waterproof paper, is the only exterior label available that can be printed on Inkjet or laser printers or can be written on with a pen without smearing. “In all my years of marketing dealership products, never have I seen a window sticker so advanced, that no matter the temperature or weather conditions, it can be applied and peeled off without leaving any glue residue,” Miller said.

SaleSleeve Elite also differs from competitors in the way it adheres to windows without using adhesive, which means no glue residue is left behind when the window stickers are removed. The SaleSleeve Elite, patent-pending, stickers are designed not to fade, bubble, degrade, smear, tear, peel at the corners, or fall off. Also, SaleSleeve Elite can easily be removed for test drives and reapplied many times without any issues.

“There’s a lot about SaleSleeve Elite that dealership personnel are going to like,” said Josh Tawes, SaleSleeve CEO. “Our new product is designed to professionally and uniformly display all FTC required forms (i.e. Buyer’s Guides) and CARFAX reports and equipment lists which makes FTC compliance so much easier for dealerships. Lot Services Companies already have enthusiastically embraced this product for all its advantages over what is currently available.”

Sean McNab of OBX Chevrolet-Buick in Kitty Hawk, NC, uses SaleSleeve Elite in his dealership. He admits he was hesitant at first when he heard SaleSleeve had a printable paper that could be “applied to the outside of the window, withstand the elements, be applied in ALL weather conditions, stay securely in place, and, best of all be removed with no adhesive residue. ‘Well, they delivered that product with flying colors,’” said McNab.
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