HAIZOL, Digital Manufacturing of Machine Tools during COVID-19

How has Covid-19 impacted the supply chain, particularly if you do business in China? How can digital manufacturing help mitigate supply chain issues?

SHANGHAI, CHINA, March 25, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — With many production facilities currently experiencing disruption and closure, ordering your parts from the comfort of your own home, whilst knowing they are being manufactured by a well-established and reliable service provider is invaluable.

Now is the time to explore digital manufacturing, a means of working with your Asian manufacturing partners, or indeed building a new supplier base for your projects. Digital manufacturing alleviates the need to travel, whilst maintaining control over your supply chain. For engineers and product developers who require machining, injection molding, casting, stamping, fabrication, and mold making, Haizol leverage on their well-established extensive database of partners, meaning they can find a match for your project in hours.

Using Haizol’s marketplace, one can simply release a request for quote on the website and receive quotes from verified suppliers within the day. The customer is matched to the best suited factories based on such criteria as required precision, material, tolerance, and lead time. The time consuming, slow, and expensive process of typical manufacturing is eliminated and replaced with a streamlined, precise, and inexpensive solution.

Prefer not to deal with suppliers? Haizol can manufacture machine tools directly. Haizol has intelligent systems inbuilt whereby 3D drawings can be uploaded and priced independently based on thousands of previous drawings. An automated system can calculate the purchasing cost based on the raw materials, processing precision, manufacturing method, and purchasing quantity, all within minutes. This removes factory quotation wait time, and allows a quote to be retrieved instantly.

The cost of materials are updated in real time based on the current market, so the buyer can get an accurate quote at the time of requesting. Once the customer has accepted the quote, they can immediately confirm the project to be sent for production by Haizol. This is semi-automated, and can begin as soon as the next day.

Companies not being able to carry out quality checks with their manufacturers is also alleviated through Haizol. Using their One Stop Sourcing Solution, Haizol implements their own strict quality checks and inspections, from acceptance of the drawing, through to prototype, then full production. A product is checked against strict criteria each step of the way before being sent out. Any discrepancies on arrival? Simply let Haizol know, they will rectify those right away.

Whichever avenue you prefer to go down, today is the day to begin outsourcing your production, and Haizol offers the best solutions to do so.

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