California Extended Vehicle Warranty Replacements Start at $1,488

extended car warranty

California extended vehicle warranty replacements available from autopom!

Vehicle protection plans are affordable alternatives to extended vehicle warranty plans.

LAKE FOREST, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 31, 2019 / — Drivers with an expired California extended vehicle warranty can now find an affordable alternative at autopom!. autopom! is a leading provider of Vehicle Protection Plans. Plans for California drivers start at $1,488. Meanwhile, plans start at $2,500 in other states nationwide.

autopom!’s Vehicle Protection Plans offer many of the same benefits an extended vehicle warranty from a dealer or manufacturer would and help drivers cover repair costs to their vehicle. Benefits include nationwide breakdown coverage, rental vehicle assistance, and roadside assistance.

“We represent a variety of Administrators, ensuring plans are available for drivers of nearly any car at any budget,” says Mike Jones, President and CEO of autopom!.

autopom! has been named one of the top Vehicle Protection Plan providers in the nation thanks to its affordable prices, variety of plans, and experienced customer service representatives. To learn more about extended car warranty replacement plans from autopom! and to request a free quote, visit or call 1.800.724.8141.

About autopom! autopom!, LLC is a BBB accredited, A+ rated provider of vehicle protection plans for both new and used cars, as well as a licensed California agency. autopom! sells mechanical breakdown insurance in California and vehicle service contracts in most other states. When your original manufacturer warranty, extended auto warranty, or used car warranty is about to expire, autopom!’s team of licensed agents can help you find a protection plan designed to protect your vehicle and your budget. Learn more about autopom! and request a free quote by calling 1.800.724.8141 or by visiting autopom! Insurance Services llc CA DOI Lic.#0I13220

Mike Jones
autopom!, llc
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autopom! for Automotive Peace of Mind

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Axiom Tool Group Opens New Westerville, Ohio, Facility

Axiom Tool Group, Inc., Westerville, Ohio, Facility

Axiom Precision AR8 Pro+ CNC Router

Axiom CNC and Vectric Software Class

New Facility to Fully Sustain Axiom Brand, Support Axiom's Sales, Marketing, Training, and Order Fulfillment

From our modern facility, we’re able to offer a full-range of machines, accessories, and training to ensure that our customers have everything they need to get up and running.”

— Todd Damon

WESTERVILLE, OHIO, USA, January 30, 2019 / — CNC tool manufacturer Axiom Tool Group, Inc., announces their recent move into a new state-of-the-art corporate office and distribution center in the heart of Uptown Westerville, Ohio. Their first day of operation at the new facility was Jan. 2, 2019.

An integral part of Axiom's business model is to not only sell the highest quality CNC machines and accessories, but to also provide training classes and lifetime support. “From our modern facility, we’re able to offer a full-range of machines, accessories, and training to ensure that our customers have everything they need to get up and running,” said Axiom Tool Group president Todd Damon. “We quickly outgrew our previous space and our new facility will now fully sustain the Axiom brand while better supporting Axiom's sales, marketing, training, and order fulfillment.”

Plans in the works for 2019 include new Axiom Precision CNC router models and accessories, and innovative new products like the Axiom STRATUS air cleaner ( 

Axiom's new facility also builds new relationships with Westerville community. “The local community has given us a warm welcome and we look forward to becoming a productive part of the Westerville area,” said Damon. “Our new facility is in the heart of Uptown Westerville, in an area that is transforming into a hub for innovation and technology.”

Axiom Tool Group, Inc. is a manufacturer and world-wide distributor of small-format CNC routers. CNC routers take instructions from a computer to shape or carve wood, plastics, and aluminum. Since 2014, the Axiom Tool Group has been building truly unique CNC routers which are marketed under the Axiom Precision brand. These innovative machines integrate technology and components from the industrial market into machines which fit the budget and size constraints of the small shop. “All of our Axiom Precision CNC machines have been thoughtfully designed and rigorously tested so that our customers enjoy unparalleled accuracy, repeatability and speed,” said Damon. “All Axiom CNC machines are engineered from the ground up like larger machines, yet will fit comfortably in any shop.”

Axiom offers CNC solutions in a wide range of sizes for both hobbyist and industrial applications, and is an industry leader in machine innovation, product quality and customer service. The Axiom Tool Group is headquartered in Westerville, Ohio.

To learn more, visit:
Axiom Web Site
Axiom Instagram
Axiom Facebook

Todd Damon, president
Axiom Tool Group, Inc.
+1 844-642-4902
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Introducing Axiom Precision CNC

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Cato Institute Senior Fellow Randal O'Toole Talks Trains, Transit and Transportation Feb. 7 in Atlanta

Randal O’Toole

'Romance of the Rails,' A Policy Briefing Luncheon and Book Forum

Exhaustively researched exploration of America’s passenger-rail story.”

— Patrick Cooke

ATLANTA, GEORGIA , USA, January 30, 2019 / — Randal O'Toole loves trains. As a teenager, he restored historic streetcars. He's traveled hundreds of thousands of miles by train, in 10 countries on four continents.

The transportation expert and Cato Institute Senior Fellow sets aside his nostalgia and sentiment to focus on the realities of rail in his new book, "Romance of the Rails: Why the Passenger Trains We Love Are Not the Transportation We Need."

What they're saying about his book:
*In a January 23 review in The Wall Street Journal, Patrick Cooke describes O'Toole as "a reluctant realist among dreamers," and his book as an "exhaustively researched exploration of America’s passenger-rail story."

**"Regardless of whether you are a rail advocate or critic, this book is for you. We can all learn from its remarkable historical insights and extraordinary research, especially as revolutionary changes in America's transport network are certain to change our future travel preferences," writes Joseph Vranich, former president of the High Speed Rail Association, in advance praise of the book.

Why are O'Toole's perspective and research so important to policy-makers and residents of metropolitan areas? Because the success of transportation tomorrow hinges on the policy decisions made today.

Join the Georgia Public Public Policy Foundation and Randal O'Toole on Thursday, February 7, at The Metropolitan Club in Alpharetta for "Romance of the Rails," a noon Policy Briefing Luncheon and Book Forum. Copies of O'Toole's book will be available for purchase and autograph.
Find out more about Randal O'Toole here.

This event, which is open to the public, is $35 to attend and includes lunch. Registration is required; the deadline to register is Tuesday, February 5. Register at Eventbrite or send your check for $35 per attendee (memo: O’Toole Event) to Georgia Public Policy Foundation, 3200 Cobb Galleria Parkway, Suite 214, Atlanta, GA 30339.
Media who wish to attend must contact Benita Dodd at

Benita Dodd
Georgia Public Policy Foundation
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Storm Kiosks Inc. is Challenging Dealerships to set a Higher Standard in Automotive Service Departments in North America

24hr and Express Lane Drop-off/Pick-up Options Available

Express Service kiosk, the first 24hr and express lane service solution in dealerships creating higher worker efficiency and elevating the customer experience.

We are excited to bring the first, most sophisticated 24 hour self-serve dealership service technology in the world, which in turn leads to greater selling opportunities and customer satisfaction”

— Simon House, Co-Founder/Director of Technology

CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA, January 30, 2019 / — Vehicles are part of our everyday lives and proper maintenance contributes to their safety and longevity. When servicing vehicles, customers want an accessible, easy experience and we are challenging Dealerships to raise the bar in Service Department standards with Express Service kiosk across the automotive industry. It will not only benefit your customers, but your dealership as well.

2018 was a big year for Canadian dealerships by adopting a new standard in automotive service for their customers. 2019 marks a big milestone, welcoming our first US dealerships to the Express Service family with Best Chrysler in Plymouth, MA and Best Chevrolet in Hingham, MA. Since 1957 they have been providing their customers with exceptional service and with this new standard of service being set, they wanted to stay “Best in class” by adopting the Express Service way.

Express Service is the first of its kind providing a 24-hour automotive service option in North America, resulting in a higher vehicle turn around. It is reshaping the way consumers and dealerships interact within their service departments all over North America. The future of automotive service is here.

Express Service customers are satisfied enjoying a modern automated process, less waiting during peak hours of operation with pick-up/drop-off in under 3 minutes and notification once service is complete, allowing customers to go on their own time. Dealerships are seeing a higher ROI by driving upsells and promotions straight to the customer, with 46% selecting an upsell option. Our dedicated Express Service support team ensures high quality, reliable product that is ever evolving.

Dealerships can breathe easy with Express Service. We have partnered with every major DMS (CDK Global, PBS Systems, Serti & more) and payment solutions provider to allow dealerships to seamlessly integrate with our web-based Service Dashboard to monitor your appointments and repair order integrations or even run it completely on its own. See Partners List.

We found that customers are using kiosks (malls, airports, grocery stores) in their daily lives when surveying Auto Show attendants to see if expectations were being met when servicing their vehicles. It was found that 79% were dissatisfied with their current service experience. Express Service kiosk answers customer frustration as 95% already use kiosks in their daily lives and 86% say they would use Express Service to enhance their servicing experience. This has shown us that dealerships transitioning to Express Service will be hassle-free, as customers already understand kiosk usage.

A brilliant idea and 30+ years of experience in the technology industry, owners Simon House and Nathan MacKenzie have created the perfect solution for customers with modern expectations. We will help customers and dealerships drive this higher standard of automotive service with Express Service.

Be one of the first to bring the future of the automotive service department to your dealerships and we work with you to customize every kiosk to fit your brand and systems. Book an online demo with us to discuss a partnership with Express Service today.

Nathan MacKenzie
Storm Kiosks Inc
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Octavio Tapia Offers Helpful Tips on Car Maintenance

Octavio Tapia

Car Maintenance can be aggravating and confusing. America Auto Shop offers tips for keeping your car in the best condition possible.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, January 29, 2019 / — Octavio Tapia and America Auto Shop have been servicing vehicles in Chicago Illinois for over a decade, providing full-service preventive maintenance and auto repairs.

“I know how difficult it can be to find a good mechanic you can trust,” explained Octavio Tapia. “That’s why I started America Auto Shop, to provide excellent customer service, and to be a mechanic our clients can rely on.”

Preventative check-ups on your car can save you time, and keep your vehicle and loved ones healthy when on the road. Octavio Tapia encourages everyone to inspect their cars on a regular basis.

Thousands of drivers are injured or killed on the road as a result of a lack of common vehicle maintenance according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. On top of injury and death, these accidents cost more than 2 billion dollars in lost wages, medical expenses and property damage.

“All of this can be avoided by servicing your car on a regular basis,” explained Octavio Tapia. “That's why we encourage all of our customers to bring their vehicle in for regular checkups.”

Some common issues consumers miss are overheating, and according to the U.S. Department of Transportation, this is one of the leading causes of mechanical failure on the highway.

We also encourage our clients to always check their tire pressure. On average, 21% of cars inspected have under inflated tires, which can lead to blowouts and serious accidents, all of which can be avoided.

Another tip Octavio Tapia recommends is to always check your gas caps. Around 17% of cars on the road have damaged gas caps, leading to 146 million gallons of gas to vaporize every year.

Checking for worn spark plugs can save your car from misfiring, which can cause serious problems down the road and waste fuel as well.

Another tip Octavio Tapia tells clients is to always check for dirty air filters, which get clogged with dirt, dust, and bugs, cutting off clean air, which causes gas to be wasted and can damage the engine, if it goes too long without being changed. Another benefit is an instant increase in gas mileage, saving about 20 cents a gallon.

“One of the biggest safety measures you can take is performing a pre-trip checklist,” explained Octavio Tapia. “You can start with checking all fluids, hoses and belts and the tires as well.”

By performing these pre-trip checklists, you can find many flaws and avoid serious consequences before hitting the road.

Finding a good mechanic can be a challenge, which is why Octavio Tapia and America Auto Shop are here to help.

To learn more, click here.

Bryan Powers
Web Presence, LLC
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Konstantin Balakiryan: Fuel cells "Delta-FC5". New generation

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, USA, January 29, 2019 / — There is no doubt that fuel cells will be the prime factor with our evolving into utilizing water as the main fuel for energy production of the future. It is well known that fuel cells use the chemical energy of hydrogen, work with higher efficiency than internal combustion engines, and can convert chemical energy into electrical energy with efficiency up to 60% and higher.

Currently, cost, performance, and durability remain key issues in the fuel cell industry, there are problems associated with overcoming critical technical barriers to efficient fuel cell development: 1. Cost – platinum group metals are used in fuel cell catalysts. 2. Performance – ion-exchange membranes are not effective enough for viable long term stationary and portable power source systems. 3. Durability – short life of the fuel cell system components.

It is these shortcomings with fuel cell design that impede their wider introduction into the country's energy sector, that the US Department of Energy has focused attention, and has requested leading US universities and laboratories to address these issues. We have been working with fuel cells since 2009 and, in our opinion, quite successfully solved a number of technical and technological problems associated with fuel cells.

It is known that in existing fuel cells, the oxygen used in the process is atmospheric air. At the moment, when thermal elements are not yet very common, this is acceptable. However, with massive industrial use of thermal elements, this can lead to an ecological disaster. Even today, the eco-system of the planet is experiencing difficulties due to the enormous consumption of atmospheric oxygen. It is no secret that, without exception, all energy generation devices using a combustion or explosion process (Carnot Cycle, Diesel, Thermal Power Plant, etc.) burn atmospheric oxygen.

The new generation design for fuel cells of the “Delta-FC5” series uses oxygen contained in water. We will first borrow water from the world's oceans, utilize its energy potential, and then the output water from the fuel cell will be returned to the source. It should be noted that the same volume of water, taking into account minor compensation of losses, can be used in these new generation fuel cells many times.

Thus, with a full transition to water-based fuel as the main source of energy on Earth, we eliminate the threat of environmental catastrophe associated with both the loss of atmospheric oxygen and the over expenditure of ocean water. The advantage of using oxygen extracted from water in fuel cells is clearly revealed when comparing the content per unit volume of oxygen in the atmosphere to that of water in the world's oceans. The proportion of oxygen (by mass) in water is 88.81%, while the proportion of oxygen in the air is only 20.93%.

Structurally, the “Delta-FC5” fuel cell is a kind of dual multi-electrode electron lamp divided by an impenetrable Teflon partition. Where a gas mixture containing 97% of hydrogen is supplied to the left compartment of the device, and a gas mixture containing 88% oxygen is fed to the right compartment.

For a more accurate description of the process of converting the chemical energy of hydrogen to electrical energy, we note that in a “Delta-FC5” fuel cell anions and cations are fed to the anode and cathode, not to hydrogen and oxygen. The ionization energy of the atoms of hydrogen and oxygen is about the same, in the range of 13.6 -14 Ev. Inside each compartment of the fuel cell “Delta-FC5”, special electrodes are mounted, to which electrical pulses are fed with a wide range of frequencies and amplitudes. This is due to the fact that the formation process of anions and cations at different stages is associated with overcoming the potential energy barriers for interaction, which exists inside atoms and their nuclei (A. Strong, B. Electromagnetic, .C.Weak, D.Gravitational).

Collective excitation of atoms using high-frequency electric pulses allows breaking bonds in the hydrogen atom, from which hydrogen loses an electron and becomes a charged hydrogen ion, and oxygen atoms capture electrons becoming negatively charged oxygen ions. Thus, in the fuel cell “Delta-FC5” eliminates the need for catalysts made from expensive and limited platinum group metals (PGM) Instead of short-lived, contaminated ion-conducting membranes such as the proton exchange membrane with a polymer electrolyte used in existing fuel cells, the “Delta-FC5” utilizes reliable and almost “eternal” control grids, separating the flows of positively and negatively charged ions.

With the new concept “Delta-FC5” fuel cells there are no design limitations on the power output or intended use. They can work perfectly both in stationary and portable conditions, providing heat and electricity for the city, industrial enterprises, and transport (road, rail, water, and air).

Therefore, the new “Delta-FC5” fuel cell concept opens up vast possibilities to the ubiquitous use of hydrogen as a versatile fuel supporting all types of energy necessary for our human needs moving forward.

Konstantin Balakiryan, PhD, Professor
Phone: 623 341 9623

Konstantin Balakiryan
BK Consulting
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Professional Racer Rodin Younessi Donates Harley Davidson Motorcycle to Brevard County Sheriff’s Office

Rodin Younessi

Rodin Younessi

Rodin Younessi

PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, USA, January 29, 2019 / — Rodin Younessi is an accomplished race car driver with an impressive track record to back up his career. Apart from various charitable contributions, Mr. Younessi is also a dealership owner who has purchased lots across the country. Recently, he purchased a string of Harley Davidson dealerships and gifted a branded motorcycle to the local sheriff’s department.

Rodin Younessi started off his career in racing at an early age, taking both sports cars and motorcycles out for a spin on the track. Before long, Mr. Younessi developed a talent for it and entered competitions to prove his racing prowess. He competed in the U.S. F2000 National Championship for Pabst Racing Services in 2011, and also JDC Motorsports in the series' National Class.

In this time, he made seven starts and ultimately finished the season in 4th place in the championship standing, while finishing in the National Class at 12th overall in race 2 at Road America. Rodin Younessi competed in the pair of F2000 Championship Series races at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in 2011 as well. And in 2012, he assembled his own competing team to take place in the Firestone Indy Lights series, announcing he would go on to compete the entire season.

His career wasn’t always in racing, though. Early on, Rodin Younessi began a professional career in software once he earned dual degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. From there, Mr. Younessi curved his career towards law and pursued a law degree until receiving his Juris Doctorate. After graduating, he was inducted to the Florida and Federal bar as a contributing member. In 2006, Younessi was knighted and received the title of Chevalier by the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Knights Hospitaller for his various charitable activities and contributions.

Through the years, Mr. Younessi still held onto his passion for MotorSports and eventually switched professions to own and operating motorsports dealerships. Today, he runs some of the highest volume Harley-Davidson dealerships in America, including the Los Angeles Harley-Davidson of Anaheim in Fullerton, California. He owns five Harley dealerships, including Space Coast Harley-Davidson, Treasure Coast Harley-Davidson, Raging Bull Harley-Davidson of Durham, North Carolina, and Falcons Fury Harley-Davidson of Georgia besides his LA dealership.

Recently, Rodin Younessi donated a retrofitted Motorcycle to local California law enforcement that was specifically designed for their agency by Rodin and the dedicated team at Space Coast Harley. His donation will support the agency’s efforts to protect the community, and it will also serve as a worthy centerpiece at parades or static displays as well as a useful patrol vehicle. Even though Mr. Younessi has built a large reputation for himself and stays busy between his many investments, he still considers the local community a priority and supports them in the best ways he can.

Bryan Powers
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Vincentric Announces 2019 Best Value in America Awards: Toyota leads with seven awards; Audi and Honda each win four

Toyota, Honda, Audi, Land Rover, and Ram win Best Value Brand awards and 12 other manufactures earned model-level awards.

BINGHAM FARMS, MICHIGAN, USA, January 29, 2019 / — Vincentric LLC announced its 15th annual Best Value in America Awards™ today, with Toyota winning with six model-level awards along with the Best SUV/Crossover/Van brand award. Strong performances were also delivered by Audi and Honda with three model-level awards each, helping Audi earn the brand award for Best Value Luxury Car while Honda took the Best Value Passenger Car brand. The top-performing Truck brand was Ram, helped by award-winning performance from its heavy-duty pickups while Land Rover won the Luxury SUV/Crossover brand award.

Other brands with multiple winning model-level awards included Lexus, Infiniti, Mercedes-Benz, and Volkswagen. Rounding out the brands with winning vehicles were BMW, Ford, Jaguar, Jeep, Kia, Mazda, Mitsubishi, and Subaru with one award-winning model each.

The 2019 Vincentric Best Value in America Awards™ had numerous repeat winners, with notable performances by the Toyota Tacoma – winning for the 15th year in a row, the Ford F-150 which earned the Best Value Full-Size ½-Ton Pickup award for a 7th time, and the Jeep Wrangler, which won the Compact SUV/Crossover segment for the 5th time.

“Purchasing a new vehicle is a large investment, so acquiring a vehicle that delivers high value is a sound financial strategy,” said Vincentric President David Wurster. “By analyzing all of the costs that occur when owning a vehicle, we’re able to provide unique insight to help buyers find a vehicle that meets their needs while also providing award-winning value.”

Vincentric measures cost-of-ownership using eight different cost factors: depreciation, fees & taxes, financing, fuel, insurance, maintenance, opportunity cost, and repairs. Using a statistical model, Vincentric identified the Best Value in America winners by measuring which vehicles had lower than expected ownership costs given their market segment and price. Over 3,000 vehicle configurations were evaluated in all 50 states plus D.C. using a range of annual mileage intervals and insurance profiles.

Further information regarding all of the winners of the Vincentric Best Value in America Awards™ for the 2019 model year and the Vincentric methodology is available at


Vincentric provides data, knowledge, and insight to the automotive industry by identifying and applying the many aspects of automotive value. Vincentric data is used by organizations including Mercedes-Benz, AAA, Toyota, NADA Guides, Business Fleet Magazine, Nissan, and many others as a means of providing automotive insight to their clientele. Vincentric, LLC is a privately held automotive data compilation and analysis firm headquartered in Bingham Farms, Michigan.

Kortney Saxena
Vincentric, LLC
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Sheridan's Coffee Layered Liqueur Makes Its Debut On The US Market – BUY NOW at

The long-awaited Sheridan’s Coffee Liqueur arrives on US market in early 2019 and can be purchased online via

CHEYENNE, WYOMING, US, January 29, 2019 / — The long-awaited Sheridan’s Coffee Liqueur arrives on US market in early 2019 and can be purchased online via

2019 starts with really good news for liqueur lovers. The internationally-acclaimed Sheridan's Coffee Liqueur will finally be available in the United States. Until now, the drink was available to only Duty-Free stores and overseas retailers. For those who have travelled outside the US and wanted to taste what the international market has to offer, Sheridan’s was a must. Now, this drink is also available for online purchase at

Sheridan's combines the best in coffee liqueur and cream. The 500mL bottle has an unmistakable design, consisting of two separate sections, separated by glass, but fused together. One section is filled with a black liqueur, consisting of coffee and whiskey flavors, while the other is filled with a white liqueur of milk white chocolate and vanilla. With a 15.5% ABV, this liqueur is perfect to start a party or during a long, cozy night in.

The flavors can be combined altogether, or they can be poured separately, giving room for different nuances of intensity and sweetness. The top of the bottle is designed such that both liqueurs are poured out at the same time, creating a unique layered effect with the white liqueur floating on top of the dark chocolate coffee liqueur.

A true Irish whiskey, produced in Dublin since 1994 by Thomas Sheridan & Sons. The Irish coffee is the invention of another Sheridan, bartender Joe Sheridan at Foynes airport near the present-day Shannon airport in 1942.

In order to taste the liqueur, one had to purchase it from a duty free store, be on a cruise where it is served, purchase it when visiting another country or order it from international retailers. Even with international retailers, it was pretty difficult to obtain a bottle, since not so many were shipping to the United States. However, in Europe, Sheridan’s Coffee Liqueur is a really popular drink and can be found really easy. Starting with 2019, things will change and US residents will be able to taste the delicious mix of dark coffee and white chocolate.

Make sure to purchase a bottle of Sheridan's Coffee Layered Liqueur! BUY NOW at

About Thomas Sheridan & Sons
Thomas Sheridan & Sons distillery is owned by W&A Gilbey group, which also produces more well-known Irish cream liqueurs. They distillery is located in Dublin, on Nangor Road.

About Cask Cartel
Cask Cartel was founded in 2014 and brought online in 2018. It is a company that comprises a team with over 4 decades of experience in the alcohol beverage industry. Cask Cartel has extensive relationships with distilleries and master distilleries across the US and the rest of the world. The company has developed an E-Premise Marketplace that’s transforming the way premium spirits are shopped sold and fulfilled online by combining the widest range of selection of allocated items and limited releases.

Patrick Mitchell
Cask Cartel
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리츠칼튼 발리의 새로운 컨퍼런스 플로어 컨시어지를 소개합니다

층 관리인

Omar Sutjipto

모든 이벤트가 고객의 기대치를 초과하도록 보장

발리 최고의 회의 장소

뛰어난 이벤트를 개최할 때, 우리가 성공하기 위한 가장 큰 부분은 우리가 제공하는 세세한 것들까지 관심 있게 들여다 보는 것입니다. 리츠칼튼 발리만의 특별한 플로어 컨시어지와 Omar는 우리가 주최하는 모든 이벤트들이 손님들의 기대를 뛰어넘도록 하는데 귀중한 역할을 합니다”

— Karim Tayach

DENPASAR, BALI, INDONESIA, January 29, 2019 / — 멋진 회의 장소와 웅장한 해변 앞 채플 등 다양한 영감을 떠오르게 할 수 있을 장소의 선택지가 다양한 리츠칼튼 발리는 성공적인 이벤트들을 만들기로 유명합니다. 인상적인 이벤트를 위해서는 훌륭한 시설 이상의 것이 필요하기 때문에 무대 뒤에서 빛나는 Omar Sujipto가 모든 세부 사항들을 처리하고 있습니다. 컨퍼런스 플로어 컨시어지로써 경험이 풍부한 이벤트 기획자를 포함해 다른 모든 부서와 의사소통하고 협력하는 것이 그의 업무이며, 고품격 이사회와 다양한 테마의 생일 파티 혹은 우아한 결혼 축하 파티 등 여러 이벤트를 진행할 때 모든 수준에서 기대치를 넘어설 수 있을 것을 장담합니다. “매일 다른 다양한 종류의 이벤트를 만드는 것을 좋아하고, 제가 만드는 모든 이벤트들을 함께 즐깁니다. 여러 클라이언트들과 기획자들을 만나 경험과 지식을 공유하는 것은 굉장히 보람 있는 일입니다.”라고 Omar가 전했습니다.

Omar는 투숙객들과리츠칼튼의 모든 신사 숙녀 사이에서의 가교 역할을 합니다. 이벤트를 시작하기 훨씬 전부터 그는 모든 측면을 세심하게 계획하기 위해 투숙객들과 경험 많은 기획자들을 만나고 행사 당일에는 모든 것이 완벽하게 준비 되었는지 확인하기 위해 장소를 부지런히 점검하며, 마지막 순간까지 세부적인 사항들이 잘 처리되었는지 확인하기 위해 다시 한 번 더 플래너들을 만납니다.
또한, 그는 요리로도 유명한 리츠칼튼의 주방에서 만들어지는 카나페와 인도네시안 뷔페 혹은 정교한 5코스 메뉴 등을 쉐프들과 함께 미리 시식하기도 합니다. 이벤트가 시작하면 Omar는 투숙객들을 맞이하는 것부터 사진 촬영 감독, 음료 서비스 등 매 순간 다음 순간으로 매끄럽게 이어질 수 있도록 중요한 역할을 합니다.

“뛰어난 이벤트를 개최할 때, 우리가 성공하기 위한 가장 큰 부분은 우리가 제공하는 세세한 것들까지 관심 있게 들여다 보는 것입니다. 리츠칼튼 발리만의 특별한 플로어 컨시어지와 Omar는 우리가 주최하는 모든 이벤트들이 손님들의 기대를 뛰어넘도록 하는데 귀중한 역할을 합니다.” 라고 리조트 총지배인인 Karim Tayach가 말했습니다.

자카르타에서 태어난 Omar는 스위스에서 Hospitality와 이벤트 기획에 대해 공부했으며, 스위스와 플로리다의 팜 비치의 호텔에서 일하며 세계적인 경험을 쌓았습니다. 리츠칼튼 발리의 컨시어지 에이전트로써 경력을 쌓기 시작한 그는 헌신적으로 일하면서 성장하고자 했기 때문에 여러 번의 승진을 거쳐 2016년 컨퍼런스 플로어 컨시어지로서 현재의 지위를 얻었습니다. Omar는 영어, 인도네시아어, 불어를 구사할 수 있습니다.

스스로 동기부여가 아주 강한 사람이기 때문에 항상 성취도가 높다는 Omar는 인도네시아 컨시어지 협회의 일원이기도 합니다. 그의 역할에 대해 강한 계획 기술과 헌신적인 모습은 하루 안에 많은 이벤트를 감독할 수 있다는 것을 의미하며, 만약 웨딩 이벤트 등이 늦게까지 지속된다 할지라도 그는 행사가 잘 진행될 수 있도록 끝까지 그 곳에 남아 있을 것을 증명합니다. Omar는 또한 훌륭한 댄서로서 발리 기념일 이벤트에서 최근 솔로 공연을 통해 수상한 바 있습니다.

발리 최고의 해변 호텔이자 여러 수상 경력에 빛나는 이벤트 개최지로서도 인정 받은 리츠칼튼 발리는 신사 숙녀가 신사 숙녀에게 서비스를 제공한다는 모토를 지니고 있으며, 이로 인해 모든 직원들은 유명한 리조트 서비스 문화의 중심에 있습니다. “리츠칼튼 발리에서 제가 일하면서 가장 좋다고 생각한 점은 팀 워크 그리고 투숙객들의 기대를 충족시키고자 최선을 다하는 마음입니다.” 라고 Omar는 말했습니다.

리츠칼튼 발리에 대하여
아름다운 해변과 절벽 위에 위치하고 있는 리츠칼튼 발리는 우아한 열대지방의 분위기를 느낄 수 있는 럭셔리 리조트입니다. 인도양의 에메랄드 푸른 빛 바다의 조용한 전망을 자랑하는 리츠칼튼 발리는 279개의 스위트 룸과 발리 최고의 빌라로 손꼽히는 만큼 34개의 넓은 빌라로 구성되어 있어, 현대적인 발리의 고급스러움을 느끼실 수 있습니다. 해변을 바라보는 리츠칼튼 클럽, 6개의 세련된 식사 장소, 이국적인 해양 스타일의 스파, 그리고 모든 연령의 어린이들이 즐길 수 있는 다양한 활동들을 제공하는 리츠키즈클럽이 있습니다. 아름다운 해변가에 위치한 웨딩채플은 완벽한 결혼식을 위해 자연 친화적인 환경을 조성하며, 다양한 야외 행사 장소와 화려한 이벤트공간은 발리에서의 축하행사와 결혼 피로연 등을 위한 완벽한 장소입니다. 잘 정돈 된 회의장, 럭셔리한 미팅 공간, 맞춤형 패키지 및 숙련된 이벤트 주최자들이 발리에서 MICE 관광 행사를 기획 하시는 분들께 매력적으로 다가갈 것입니다. 비즈니스, 휴양, 로맨스와 같이 어떠한 여행에도 리츠칼튼 발리는 인생에서 항상 기억에 남을수 있는 소중한 순간들을 만들어 드립니다. 페이스북(Facebook), 인스타그램 (Instagram), 트위터 (Twitter), 유튜브(Youtube), 링크드인(LinkedIn), 구글 플러스(Google), 위챗(wechatid:ritacarltonbali)에서 저희를 팔로우해 보세요.

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