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"Miraculous Changes For The Better In 2018"
"Protect The Environment, Fauna and Flora " "Make Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Compulsory Subject In Malaysia"

KUCHING, SARAWAK, MALAYSIA, December 30, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — The year 2018 has witnessed unprecedented changes, on a scale almost unbelievable by any standard.

To all in the country, the dramatic changes are considered to be for the good of this young nation, a Federation formed in 1963 consisting of Malaya, Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore. Unfortunately, due to fundamental ideological differences, Singapore left the newly formed federation two years later, to become an independent sovereign nation, a small city-state with hardly any natural resources except its people.

How do we assess the progress of these miraculous changes?
The people of this country have achieved what they always wanted, and this augurs well for this young Federation. To translate this dream into reality is no mean job, a gigantic exercise, with few parallels.

The situation today is analogous to the case of a man lost in the jungle for a 100 days, weak, hungry and miserable and suddenly served with a 100-course Michelin Star dinner. Obviously, no mortal in that state is capable of enjoying that kind of gigantic dinner all of a sudden! He needs time to adjust himself.

For any nation with a good, dedicated, honest, fair and just leadership, there is no reason why it should not succeed.
So there is no need to worry as it will take time for people to accept the changes which are for the long term peace, harmony, progress and prosperity of Malaysia.

The dramatic change does show that people are maturing, and many millions have changed their attitude towards race and beliefs for the better.
Malaysians have seen the untold sufferings and miseries of the peoples in the Middle-East and Africa particularly, and the destruction of their countries due to conflicts and intolerance caused by different ethnic and religious groups .
We treasure our traditional peaceful and harmonious way of life , which we have been enjoying since time immemorial.
We noted that a few "newly emergent" countries , one bigger than Europe with 7,000 years of recorded history , which are stable and enjoying peace and with dedicated good leadership are on the rise, overtaking all western nations for the first time in history .
Our country can achieve greatness as we have rich natural resources, hard working people and blessed being spared of all forms of natural disasters .

On ENVIRONMENT, the younger generations especially are now more aware of the importance of environmental conservation and protection.
However, the action of some people in the name of progress and prosperity is still considered detrimental to the fragile environment.
The current erratic pattern of climate change is giving cause of concern. While some of the uninitiated were recently enjoying the extraordinarily early cherry blossom, traditionally only in Spring, I am sure many of us are deeply concerned that the Seasons are now shifting due to climate change. Winter and Summer are extreme, and generally temperatures are getting erratic.

The mighty forests must be protected and conserved as the clearing of these rainforests for massive economic activities have contributed much to climate change and the extinction of flora and fauna species which are of great importance to human existence.
In addition, the loss of forests, such as mangrove forest, may result in the disruption of the food chain and in-turn causing reduction in food production, particularly fish and shell fish species.

The use of fossil fuel and coal especially should be gradually replaced by sustainable energy including renewal energy such as hydro-electricity, wind energy, solar energy and tidal energy.

The government should formulate the right policies and provide appropriate enabling environments which are conducive for such transformation.

In the Tropics with abundent sunshine, mighty rivers and cascading streams, waterfalls and no shortage of wind anytime, we could, therefore, consider seriously putting up solar panels for our homes, buildings and factories, the government to set up wind turbines and harnessing the rivers and the streams including making good use of the tidal waves in coastal areas.

The government could perhaps consider giving tax incentives to all the citizens and to commerce and industries, for supporting the sustainable energy exercise. The incentives should include waiving sales tax for all Electric and Hybrid vehicles and also import duty for the imported ones. Public transport buses and lorries and to go green as well with tax incentives. These are examples of enabling environments that are necessary to create a sustainable transformation.

I always stress, the best hospitals in the country could never solve the multiple health problems created by pollution which is basically the cause of most health problems, particularly chest and lung infections of all sorts, and worst of all cancer, which is so common today, and it totally ruins the patients and their families financially and sometimes breaking up the families.
The root cause must be addressed. A clean and healthy nation not only has happy people but saves the people and the government millions of dollars, A healthy nation would be more productive and creative. It is a win-win situation.

Many a precious life is lost when it can .in fact, be prevented. According to surveys, cardiac arrest or heart attack is one of the top killers.
There are many instances of people who have cardiac arrest but there is nobody nearby to render help using the only known method today ie Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. However, not everybody knows CPR unless the person is a first aider, a nurse, a doctor or just being trained in CPR.
I have been campaigning for CPR to be taught in every home, school, factory and everywhere. Last year the then deputy Federal Education Minister strongly supported my proposal to make the teaching of CPR compulsory in all schools and institutions of learning throughout the country. He said that the ministry would study as to how to implement this proposal nationwide. This was also supported by Sarawak Minister of Welfare.
I am confident that the present Federal Government would give its support to my proposal so that more precious lives can be saved.

Happy New Year

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Source: EIN Presswire