Fairfield City 10-Month Permit Holdup Cost Momentum Auto Group Valuable Time and Money

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The past year has caused Momentum Auto Group to have a 10-month holdup on construction permits at their largest dealership causing setbacks in revenue.

FAIRFIELD, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 21, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — A Fairfield City Manager tells local press that car dealerships are absolutely vital to the local economy. In fact, car dealerships may represent around 20 percent of total sales tax dollars in the area. Momentum Auto Group alone contributes $15 million annually in sales tax to Solano County. A hit to the dealerships could mean a major hit to the local economy, which is why the team behind Momentum Auto Group is doing everything they can to ensure dealerships find their footing again after a challenging financial year.

In a period when financial struggles were already stacking up against them, a 10-month holdup on Fairfield City permits cost Momentum Auto Group precious time, money, and resources. Taxes and prolonged construction fees on what should have been a quick project ended up causing serious damage to the group’s finances, halting growth and cash flow for much of the year.

Permits are a tricky matter, regardless if they are commercial or residential. However, these standard building codes are necessary to uphold safety and prevent any future catastrophes. Timing code inspections correctly and following proper construction steps with regular approval is tricky, but without it, could cause even more unpleasant situations for the business including the customers.

When there’s a halt in construction there’s inevitably a halt in operations, which can be a major obstacle when construction is on a dealership’s largest location. A range of factors can hold up city permits including a miscommunication down the line or builders not following building instructions exactly to code. When an issue is ignored and construction continues without codes being met, building inspectors will later discover problems and require resolution. At that point, it means work must be undone, progress reversed to solve an old issue, and construction workers must build their way back to the original plan before continuing.

Delays in deadlines, poor handling of documentation, missed communications, etc are all factors that contribute to this as well. Momentum Auto Group hit its own fair share of setbacks to the point that 10 months of construction holdups and the recent drop in sales necessitated a transition to new management. But they assure customers that new management will lead the dealerships into a brighter and more lucrative future.

The team behind Momentum Auto Group has a plan in place to assist guests during their transition to new management (as locations are temporarily closed). They have opened doors to a customer assistance center which helps clients facilitate the retrieval of their vehicles. They are hopeful that they will reopen doors to their dealership locations by the end of the year. This will hopefully spark a positive change for not only Momentum Auto Group, but for citizens of the town as well.

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Source: EIN Presswire