Attorney Wins Client Total Loss of Value of Vehicle After Insurance Company Denies Claim

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Attorney, Jeffrey Schaffer, recently won a case for his client who was involved in an automobile accident that diminished the value of their vehicle.

It is very likely an insurance company will deny a total loss of value claim on automobile accident damages. ”

— Jeffrey Schaffer, Esq.


Attorney, Jeffrey Schaffer, recently won a case for his client who was involved in an automobile accident that diminished the value of their vehicle. The client’s insurance company had denied a claim following the accident, but Schaffer obtained a judgment for the total loss of value on his client’s car.

Unfortunately, cases like this are not uncommon. It is very likely an insurance company will deny a total loss of value claim on automobile accident damages.

Many people do not understand the proper definition of a total loss of value on a vehicle. It is commonly thought that the total loss of value is when a car is simply not driveable anymore. This is not the case.

Total loss of value on a vehicle is calculated mathematically by insurance companies. They look at the market value of your vehicle at the time of the accident and then compare it to how much repairs would cost to fix your vehicle.

If the damages would take 80% or more of the market value of your vehicle to fix it, it is then deemed a total loss of value.

If you are involved in an automobile accident and your car suffers damages, you should be well informed that the decision of the insurance company about the claim is not the end all be all. You are able to negotiate if you do not agree with the decision made.

It is highly advised to contact an experienced auto accident attorney, such as Jeffrey Schaffer, to help fight for you to win the total loss settlement you deserve.

Schaffer’s client was in great hands and the case was settled in court. The verdict rendered in favor of granting the client total loss of value on their vehicle.

If you’ve been in a motor vehicle accident and your claim has been denied by your insurance company, contact Jeffrey Schaffer at Saffren & Weinberg today for a consultation.

About the Author:
Jeffrey Schaffer is a partner in the law firm of Saffren & Weinberg and practices in the areas of motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls, premises liability, construction, product liability, and medical malpractice claims. At Saffren & Weinberg, we know auto insurance laws and can get your best settlement, usually without going to court. When the insurance company disputes your claim, and they will try to, we have the experience and experts (i.e. accident reconstruction) to provide proof of fault.

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World Premiere Video From Top 5 iTunes Rock Band And Award-winning Director/Producer

Love Stallion’s New Video “Big Rock Radio” Is Out Now

Denver Glam Rock Band Love Stallion

Love Stallion “Unforgettable Ride” Available Now

Denver-based glam rock band Love Stallion have released their new video for "Big Rock Radio." The video was directed by John Hunt of Arcadian Pictures.

I was in absolute euphoria, flying down the country road, windows down, listening to 'Big Rock Radio,' and watching a mountain sunset!”

— Aaron Hart, Lead Singer of Love Stallion

DENVER, CO, UNITED STATES, November 30, 2018 / — "A textbook example of what a radio friendly, proficiently crafted "Big Rock Radio" record should be…a scorching debut" – SleazeRoxx

"Big Rock Radio" is a smooth listen, with a catchy guitar line and a straight-ahead rock groove" – Glitter2Gutter

With 2018's release of their debut album, "Unforgettable Ride," Denver glam rock band Love Stallion came charging out of the gate, winning over fans and critics alike. With their unbridled exhuberance and authentic embodiment of 70s and 80s glam rock stylings, Love Stallion's "Slow Release" topped the IndiMusicTv video charts and reached the iTunes Canada rock songs Top 5. "Slow Release" has received over 29,000 Spotify streams. The video was also a critical success, being selected for international film festival viewing.

Now, Love Stallion is happy to announce the world premiere of their new video, "Big Rock Radio." The video was produced and directed by award-winning filmmaker, John Hunt, via his Colorado-based video production company, Arcadian Pictures. "Big Rock Radio" was shot in Globe Hall and at various locations in Denver, CO, and along the highways of Moffat, Colorado. A special "Behind The Scenes Music Video Party" will be held on Saturday, December 15th at Club 1203 in Denver.

Lead singer, Aaron Hart recalls the video shoot: "My favorite part of the video was driving John's red 1987 Nissan 300 ZX. To give it a California vibe, we filmed out in the desert by the dunes in Moffat, Colorado, which is absolutely gorgeous. We were chasing daylight, so I had about 15 minutes to re-learn how to drive stick shift before we started shooting. I was in absolute euphoria, flying down the country road, windows down, listening to 'Big Rock Radio,' and watching a mountain sunset!"

Watch "Big Rock Radio" at

Love Stallion has upcoming tour dates with Steel Panther, LA Guns, and Kix. For a list of shows, please visit

ABOUT LOVE STALLION: Inspired by the "big rock" sound of the 1970s and '80s, rock stars like David Lee Roth and Freddie Mercury, and dynamic bands like Van Halen, Kiss, and Def Leppard, Love Stallion is charging onto the music scene with original glamorous hard rock. The band's high energy live performances, flamboyant wardrobes of sequins, spandex and leather, and their signature "Sexy Disco Legs" have placed Love Stallion in the spotlight among Denver's hottest tickets. Their debut album, "Unforgettable Ride" was recorded at Colorado Sound Studios with Emmy Award Winner and Certified Gold Album producer, Steve Avedis (Tony Bennett, NSYNC).

Michael Stover
MTS Management Group
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Love Stallion – “Big Rock Radio”

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리츠칼튼 발리에서만 즐길수 있는 발리 전통 문화활동

클럽 레벨 투숙객을위한 발리 문화 활동 체험

Canang Sari 제작의 향기로운 기술을 배우십시오.

The Ritz-Carlton, Bali의 아늑한 클럽 라운지

클럽 라운지에서 조식 뷔페 제공

발리 – 릿츠 – 칼튼의 매혹적인 문화에 푹 빠져보십시오.

발리는 풍부한 문화유산으로 유명하며 저희의 품격 있는 투숙객들은 항상 리조트에 머무시는 동안 독창적인 액티비티들을 찾고 있습니다. 저희 리조트 혜택의 일부로써, 클럽 투숙객들은 우아한 클럽 라운지에서 제공되는 독창적인 데일리활동에 참여할 수 있으며, 섬의 매혹적인 문화에 몰입할 수 있습니다”

— Karim Tayach

BADUNG, BALI, INDONESIA, November 30, 2018 / — 리츠칼튼 발리는 클럽혜택의 일환으로 클럽 레벨 고객을 위한 일련의 문화 기반을 둔 활동들을 소개하고 있으며, 발리 최고의 가족 휴양지에서도 경험가능한 수많은 혜택을 제공하고 있습니다. 새롭게 소개된 문화 행사는 신들의 섬에 생명을 불어넣는 독특하고 예술적인 의식 전통에 대한 새로운 통찰력을 줍니다.

"발리는 풍부한 문화유산으로 유명하며 저희의 품격 있는 투숙객들은 항상 리조트에 머무시는 동안 독창적인 액티비티들을 찾고 있습니다. 저희 리조트 혜택의 일부로써, 클럽 투숙객들은 우아한 클럽 라운지에서 제공되는 독창적인 데일리활동에 참여할 수 있으며, 섬의 매혹적인 문화에 몰입할 수 있습니다."라고 Karim Tayach 총지배인은 전했습니다.

발리 최고의 리조트 중 하나에서, 클럽 라운지의 데일리 액티비티에는 신들에 대한 감사와 찬사의 표시로 제공하는 꽃인 향기로운 카낭 사리를 만드는 법을 배우는 것이 포함됩니다. 카낭은 작은 사각형 코코넛 잎바구니를 의미하고, 사리는 에센스를 의미하며 그것을 채우는 꽃잎을 의미합니다. 투숙객들은 또한 게보간이라고 알려진 과일탑과 여성들이 그들의 머리에 착용하는 장식을 만드는 법을 배우게 됩니다. 발리는 종종 '천 가지 사원의 섬'이라고 불리며, 이 매혹적인 템플투어는 방문객들을 힌두교 숭배의 장소로서 사원의 중요성과 상징성을 설명하는 리조트 내의 조용한 사원을 방문합니다. 과일카빙 워크샵에서는 수박, 파인애플 그리고 캔탈루프와 같은 이국적인 열대과일을 사용하여 먹을 수 있는 공예를 경험합니다. Janur 만들기는 섬 전체에서 의식을 위한 장식과 모양을 만들기 위해 노란색 리본 모양의 코코넛 잎을 사용하는 종이접기와 비슷한 형태의 예술입니다.
발리 리츠칼튼의 클럽라운지 레벨에서도 즐길 수 있는 또 다른 럭셔리에는 우아한 클럽 레스토랑에서 매일 제공되는 알라카르테와 뷔페를 포함하는 조식, 가벼운 점심 뷔페, 전통적인 애프터눈 티와 이브닝 칵테일 및 칵테일을 포함한 5번의 음식 서비스와 프라이빗 클럽 풀을 포함합니다. 클럽 라운지에서 개인 체크인, 체크아웃 및 무료 세탁 서비스도 제공됩니다.

문화적인 액티비티와 클럽레벨의 혜택에 대한 자세한 사항은 여기를 클릭하셔서 비디오를 통해 확인하실 수 있습니다. 또한 #RCMemories를 이용하는 소셜 미디어를 확인하시거나 rc.dpssw.reservation@ritzcarlton.com으로 연락 주시기 바랍니다.

클럽라운지 엑세스 업그레이드는 1일 1인당 IDR 1,400,000 (세금 및 봉사료 21% 별도)가 부가됩니다.

# # #

리츠칼튼 발리에 대하여
아름다운 해변과 절벽 위에 위치하고 있는 리츠칼튼 발리는 우아한 열대지방의 분위기를 느낄 수 있는 럭셔리 리조트입니다. 인도양의 에메랄드 푸른 빛 바다의 조용한 전망을 자랑하는 리츠칼튼 발리는 279개의 스위트 룸과 34개의 드넓은 베스트 발리 빌라들, 현대적인 발리의 고급스러움을 느끼실 수 있습니다. 해변을 바라보는 리츠칼튼 클럽, 6개의 세련된 식사 장소, 이국적인 해양 스타일의 스파, 그리고 모든 연령의 어린이들이 즐길 수 있는 다양한 활동들을 제공하는 리츠키즈클럽이 있습니다. 아름다운 해변가에 위치한 웨딩채플은 완벽한 결혼식을 위해 자연 친화적인 환경을 조성하며, 다양한 야외 행사 장소와 화려한 이벤트공간은 발리에서의 축하행사와 결혼 피로연 등을 위한 완벽한 장소입니다. 잘 정돈 된 회의장, 럭셔리한 미팅 공간, 맞춤형 패키지 및 숙련된 이벤트 주최자들이 발리에서 MICE 관광 행사를 기획 하시는 분들께 매력적으로 다가갈 것입니다. 비즈니스, 휴양, 로맨스와 같이 어떠한 여행에도 리츠칼튼 발리는 인생에서 항상 기억에 남을수 있는 소중한 순간들을 만들어 드립니다. 페이스북(Facebook), 인스타그램 (Instagram), 트위터 (Twitter), 유튜브(Youtube), 링크드인(LinkedIn)에서 저희를 팔로우해 보세요.

Prhativi Dyah
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리츠칼튼 클럽에서 여행의 즐거움을 한 단계 높여 보세요.

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Think Silicon Announces New NEMA® | GUI-Builder to Empower Programmers of IoT, Embedded and Wearable Devices

New version of graphical user interface development tool speeds simple-to-use creation with powerful features

Designed for both amateur and professional developers, these essential tools help to simply design high quality, seamless and interactive GUIs within minutes for embedded, IoT and wearable devices”

— Ulli Mueller, Vice President, Marketing & Business Development

TORONTO, CANADA, November 30, 2018 / — Think Silicon, a leader in developing ultra-low power graphics IP technology, announced the first free version of NEMA®|GUI-Builder to speed the creation of high-quality GUIs for Embedded, Internet of Things (IoT) and Wearable devices.

Enabling rapid high-end GUI development on low resource hardware in a fraction of time, programmers for any small-display embedded, IoT or wearable device can use the free tool to create smooth and seamless graphics and animation experiences tailored for fast, responsive (touch) screen applications. NEMA®|GUI-Builder comes with the Think Silicon software API NEMA®|GFX and its highly efficient compression technology NEMA®|TSC™, created for use also on SoC platforms (MCU/MPU) with non-Think Silicon GPUs.

For extra value and even more efficiency, NEMA®|GUI-Builder is paired with the NEMA®|GPU and Display Controller product line. Programmers can achieve additional results including 3D rendering matched with unparalleled battery life performance.

“With the updated version of our free software tool, Think Silicon has the ease of use, speed and support for the programmer in mind. Designed for both amateur and professional developers, these essential tools help to simply design high quality, seamless and interactive graphical user interfaces within minutes for embedded, IoT and wearable devices,” said Ulli Mueller, Vice President, Marketing & Business Development of Think Silicon.

NEMA®|GUI-Builder offers programmers and designers the ability to significantly reduce the time of the GUI development by simply enabling drag-n-drop common control and input elements (e.g. buttons, icons, sliders, containers etc.) on the GUI surface benefited by a large set of library Widgets. NEMA®|GUI-Builder automatically produces power and performance optimized C code, with a small memory footprint by utilizing the 3D features of the NEMA®|GPU-Series and their powerful abilities. New features of NEMA®|GUI-Builder include bilinear filtering, simulation window, C code generation, multiple image and color formats, antialiased fonts, and more.

Designers can continue to use their favorite design tools such as Adobe Photoshop by exporting the created files to PNG or SVG file-formats and importing them into NEMA®|GUI-Builder.

Additional features for professional developers are available upon request. Supported platforms include Linux/X11, Microsoft Windows (available soon) and macOS (available soon).

To obtain the free non-commercial NEMA®|GUI-Builder software and more information, please visit:

About Think Silicon:
Think Silicon S.A. is a privately held Limited Company located in: Patras/ Greece (HQ), Toronto/ Canada (Business Development & Marketing office), San Jose/CA, USA (Sales office), Cologne, Germany/EMEA region (Sales office), Taipei/TW (Sales office), Tokyo/JP (Sales office). Think Silicon is specialized in developing and licensing high-performance graphics and AI IP technology for ultra-low power and area limited digital mobile, wearable, embedded devices and IoT end-nodes for fabless semiconductor technology customers.

THINK SILICON and NEMA and combinations thereof, are registered trademarks of Think Silicon. Other names are for informational purposes only and may be trademarks of their respective owners.

Georgia Protogeou
Think Silicon S.A
+30 694 425 5268
email us here

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L-R: Dr. K.K. Maurya, Dr. R.P. Pant, Mr. Asim Dash, Mrs. Shivangi Sharma, Dr. Nahar Singh, Dr. D.K. Aswal, Mr Umesh Gupta, Mr. Sachin Kumar

L-R: Dr. K.K. Maurya, Dr. R.P. Pant, Mr. Asim Dash, Mrs. Shivangi Sharma, Dr. Nahar Singh, Dr. D.K. Aswal, Mr Umesh Gupta, Mr. Sachin Kumar

GLOBAL PT Provider is the India's first NABL accredited PT Provider as per ISO 17043:2010 in the field of Metal testing.

NEW DELHI, DELHI, INDIA, November 29, 2018 / — CSIR National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and M/s Global PT Provider (P) Ltd., New Delhi has entered into an agreement for production of Bhartiya Nirdeshak Dravyas (BND) on November 27th, 2018.

CSIR-NPL, the National Metrology institute of country, and a member of International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM), is serving the Indian Industries, academia and strategic sector’s to excel in their endeavors by providing them APEX level calibration facilities. NPL provide metrological traceability to reference material producers in the country, so that their certified reference materials can be sold under the brand name of BND which can even be exported.

Global PT is the NABL accredited PT Provider and also producers of reference materials including hardness blocks (Vickers, Rockwell and Brinell). Under this agreement CSIR-NPL will provide traceability to global PT for their reference materials. The availability of SI traceable BND will bring a boost to "Make in India" program and harmonies quality infrastructure of country.

GLOBAL PT Provider is the India's first NABL accredited PT Provider as per ISO 17043:2010 in the field of Metal testing. GLOBAL PT Provider with its beginning in 2012 have conducted proficiency testing programmes benefitting Commercial Laboratories, Research Laboratories, Manufacturers, Government Agencies etc in conforming to their performance by conducting Inter Laboratory Comparison.

To know more about the services,

Umesh Gupta
+91 9873001501
email us here
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Hengtong Delivers 3,000km Submarine Optical Cable to Chile, Hosts a Ceremony to Celebrate Overseas 10,000km Delivery

HTGD (sh:600487)

CHANGSHU, JIANGSU, CHINA, November 29, 2018 / — On November 26, 2018, the "Hengtong Overseas 10,000km Submarine Optical Cable Delivery Ceremony" was held in Changshu, Jiangsu Province, celebrating Hengtong's success in manufacturing and delivering nearly 3,000km of submarine optical cable to Chile FOA Project and achieving cumulative overseas deliveries of 10,000km of submarine optical cable. This ranks Hengtong first in the world in both capacity and delivery to the domestic submarine optical cable market. This is a milestone in China's submarine cable industry and highlights the "made in China" drive in the field of international oceanic communications.

On November 26, Hengtong also released a number of new products including submarine equipment fitting stations, a stereo intelligent anchor observation system, two-stage composite cables for application in marine disaster prevention pre-warning networks, an environmental monitoring system for ports and wharfs, as well as an underwater oil and gas production and monitoring system, demonstrating Hengtong's technology, quality, production and delivery capability.

Hengtong submarine cable for Chile shipped at Hengtong's Pier 1
To realize global connections, submarine cable plays a critical role in global ocean communication and energy interconnection. As a global leading communications and power cable service provider, Hengtong is committed to developing and integrating marine communications and power transmission technologies and systems. In the past five years, Hengtong has built a global-leading submarine optical cable R&D production base, including a system integration, testing center and a dock cabling system, making Hengtong one of the leading submarine optical cable companies, both at home and abroad.

Qian Jianlin, Executive President of Hengtong Group, stated that Hengtong was committed to creating a submarine industry supply chain of integrating product, engineering and operation service to promote the implementation of the "One Belt and One Road" initiative and contribute to global connections.

About Hengtong
Hengtong is a global information and energy network service provider offering various kinds of wire and cables including fibre-optic, power cable, marine cable and accessories. 
With over 20 years of development, Hengtong now grows to have 10 manufacturing facilities based in China, Europe, South America, South Africa, South Asia and Southeast Asia. As well as sales offices in over 30 countries and regions around the world supply products and service to over 140 countries.
Committing to innovation and social responsibility is at the heart of Hengtong – Hengtong is implementing and transforming to intelligent manufacturing to be one of the most advanced cable manufacturers in the world.

Lijuan Zhu
Network Telecom Information
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Tennessee Mesothelioma Victims Center Now Urges A Navy Veteran or With Mesothelioma or Asbestos Exposure Lung Cancer to Call for Instant Access to The Most Skilled Lawyers to Assist with Compensation

We are especially focused on Navy Veterans who have mesothelioma or asbestos exposure lung cancer because they were required to stay on board their ship or submarine at a navy shipyard for repairs.”

— Tennessee Mesothelioma Victims Center

WASHINGTON , DC, USA, November 29, 2018 / — According to the Tennessee Mesothelioma Victims Center, "We are urging a US Navy Veteran with mesothelioma or asbestos exposure lung cancer in Tennessee to call us anytime including weekends at 800-714-0303 for instant access to the nation's most skilled lawyers to assist with their financial compensation. Depending on how or where the asbestos exposure took place the US Navy a Veteran with mesothelioma could be looking at a million dollars or more in financial compensation and a Navy Veteran with asbestos exposure lung cancer could be looking at hundreds of thousands of dollars.

"We are especially focused on Navy Veterans who have mesothelioma or asbestos exposure lung cancer because they were required to stay on board their ship or submarine at a navy shipyard for repairs, an overhaul or retrofit. Typically, Navy Veterans like this had extreme exposure to asbestos and if they now have mesothelioma or asbestos exposure lung cancer-we want to make certain they receive the very best financial compensation as we would like to discuss anytime at 800-714-0303.

"Our service is free, and we are dedicated to making certain people with mesothelioma or asbestos exposure lung cancer in Tennessee receive the best compensation and assistance." http://Tennessee.MesotheliomaVictimsCenter.Com

A Navy Veteran with mesothelioma or asbestos exposure lung cancer would have been based at one of the following states:

* Virginia

* Connecticut

* Florida

* Georgia

* Rhode Island

* New York

* Massachusetts

* Maine

* South Carolina

* Washington

* California

* Hawaii

The Tennessee Mesothelioma Victims Center wants to emphasize their free services are available statewide in every community in Tennessee, including Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville, Chattanooga, and Clarksville. http://Tennessee.MesotheliomaVictimsCenter.Com

The Tennessee Mesothelioma Victims Center is also very focused on making certain a diagnosed victim of mesothelioma has access to the best treatment option facilities in their state. For the best possible treatment options for mesothelioma in Tennessee, the Tennessee Mesothelioma Victims Center strongly encourages diagnosed victims, or their family to consider: The Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center, Nashville:, or Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis:

High-risk work groups for exposure to asbestos in Tennessee include US Navy Veterans, power plant workers for the TVA, manufacturing or industrial workers, plumbers, electricians, auto mechanics, machinists, miners, or construction workers. Typically, the exposure to asbestos occurred in the 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s, or 1980’s.

The states indicated with the highest incidence of mesothelioma include Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota, Louisiana, Washington, and Oregon. Mesothelioma also happens in Tennessee.

For more information about mesothelioma please refer to the National Institutes of Health’s web site related to this rare form of cancer:

Michael Thomas
Tennessee Mesothelioma Victims Center
+1 800-714-0303
email us here

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Rare models power Jasper52 European Collector Car auction Dec. 10

Ferrari Testarossa Monodado, registration year 1986, 45,000 kilometers. Estimate: $130,000-$150,000

Andrea Bocelli’s Tesla S B85D, 2015, 70,000 kilometers, mint condition. Estimate: $110,000-$150,000

Restored Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint 1600, registered in 1963, ready to race. Estimate: $60,000-80,000

Ferrari Testarossa Monodado, Lancia Flaminia Coupes, Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint 1600 and singer Andrea Bocelli’s Tesla among top highlights

The Ferrari Testarossa Monodado in the sale is like the one Detective Sonny Crockett drove in the stylish 1980s TV crime drama Miami Vice.”

— Jasper52

NEW YORK, N.Y., UNITED STATES, November 28, 2018 / — Jasper52's inaugural collector car auction on Dec. 10 features a variety of outstanding vehicles: rally and track cars, supercars, touring cars and off-road machines. This groundbreaking sale includes cars located in Europe that were selected expressly for collectors in the United States. Bidding on all cars will start at $1. Absentee and Internet live bidding is available through LiveAuctioneers.

A highlight of the auction is a Tesla owned by renowned Italian singer Andrea Bocelli. The 2015 Tesla S P85D is in mint condition. A white Fastback, it has about 70,000 kilometers on the odometer and has been beautifully maintained. Its next owner may not be as famous as Bocelli but unquestionably would feel like a superstar when driving it. Estimate: $110,000-$150,000

There are five Alfa Romeo models in the auction, including a vintage Giulia Sprint 1600, which is ready to race. This car was originally prepared to compete in the historic Coppa Delle Alpi race. In 2010, it was thoroughly restored in Italy. Original parts, including the carburetor, are included, should the auction buyer decide to return the car to the road as opposed to racing it. Auction estimate: $60,000-$80,000

Miami Vice fans will recognize the Ferrari Testarossa Monodado in the sale as being like the one Detective Sonny Crockett drove in the stylish 1980s TV crime drama. Ferrari began production of the Testarossa in 1984. Coachbuilder Pininfarina chose an exciting, innovative design for the new top model. The water coolers were mounted on both sides, Formula 1-style, in front of the rear wheels, which Pininfarina turned into a theme using large-scale cooling fins. This motif was continued on the rear panels. At the time, the exotic new design was viewed as extremely futuristic, making the Testarossa an instant style icon. The model featured in the Jasper52 auction is completely original and in excellent condition, inside and out. It even has the original and rare knock-off wheels. Estimate: $130,000-$150,000.

Aside from new paint and carpet, the 1961 Lancia Flaminia GT Touring Superleggera 2500 is original and in top-notch condition. This sleek and racy coupe has a 2500cc engine and a manual gearbox. It is estimated at $130,000-$150,000.

The lone MG-B in the auction is a very special one, as it was No. 5 off the production line. This iconic little British sports car is in a great shape and ready to clock many enjoyable miles with its new owner. The pre-sale estimate is $40,000-$55,000.

Other notable entries include a Volkswagen T25 Vanagon, a Land Rover Santana, a Great London Taxi, a Citroën 2CV and a great Austin Mini panel van in mint condition. There are also two American-made classics amid the field of predominantly European motor cars: a restored 1950 Chevrolet C3100 V-8 pickup truck, and a 1951 Willys-Overland station wagon in remarkable original condition. Willys-Overland Motors, based in Toledo, Ohio, was best known for its design and production of military Jeeps (MBs) and civilian versions (CJs) during the 20th century. The four-wheel-drive workhorse offered by Jasper52 has only 55,000 miles on the odometer. Estimate: $40,000-$55,000

After the auction, Jasper52 will contact winning bidders with shipping information and, if desired, provide an introduction to global parcel or white-glove shippers. Buyers pay shipping costs as indicated in the auction description, as well as any applicable taxes, duties or fees for items originating from outside of the buyer's home country.

The auction will be conducted Monday, Dec. 10, at 6 p.m. Eastern time, with a $1 starting bid on each and every car. View the auction catalog and bid absentee or live online through LiveAuctioneers.

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GenHigh Tech Unveils Its Autowit Front & Rear Dual Dash Camera for High Definition Road Recording and Added Security

Autowit Front & Rear Dual Dash Camera

Autowit Front & Rear Dual Dash Camera offers recording in full HD video making it ideal for all those who value safe driving.

Autowit Front & Rear Dual Dash Camera Features

The Autowit Dual Dash Camera is fully featured and easy to use.

Autowit Front & Rear Dual Dash Camera Parking Mode

The mirror dash cam will automatically switch to the reversing mode in full view when the R gear is engaged.

The Autowit Dash Cam Offers Two Viewing Angles to Simultaneously Capture the Road Ahead and Behind for Added Protection and Peace-of-Mind.

"GenHigh is committed to providing our customers high-quality and affordable car accessories that ensure safety and comfort of the drivers and passengers”.”

— Minming Gu, Cofounder & CMO of GenHigh Tech

SANTA MONICA, CA, USA, November 28, 2018 / — GenHigh Tech, a global leader and marketer of high-quality and innovative automotive, mobile and consumer electronics, announced the launch of the Autowit Dual Dash Camera Recorder. This model is the latest addition to Autowit series and assists as the perfect eyewitness and roadside companion for visual evidence of any event.

The Autowit Dual Dash Camera is fully featured and intuitive to use. It allows an easy set-up of the front camera on the car’s original rearview mirror with the 2 included rubber straps. The rear camera can be installed either on the rear windshield facing out or connected to the car's rear lights. The camera's unique ability to record both front and rear-facing video offers double the protection for everyday drivers.

The Autowit Dual Dash Camera enables recording in full HD video (1080P at front and 720P at rear), supports up to 32GB SD (Class 10+) and provides continuous loop recording, motion detection, and a car charger (12/24V Input – 5V/2A Output). This model features a 5.0" IPS touch screen, ultra-wide 150 Degree Front FOV – 120 Degree Rear FOV lens, and a G-Sensor, triggering the unit to automatically protect clips if an impact is detected.

"Accidents and misfortune on the road can happen from the front of the vehicle as well as the rear,” said Minming Gu, Cofounder & CMO of GenHigh Tech. “The quality of our Autowit Dual Dash Cam is great, the touchscreen is adaptable, and the extra features make it well worth the cost. GenHigh continues to expand the Autowit lineup because we are committed to providing our customers high-quality and affordable car accessories that ensure safety and comfort of the drivers and passengers”.

Additional features of the Autowit Dash Cam include:

– Parking Monitor – The mirror dash cam will automatically switch to the reversing mode in full view when the R gear is engaged. If motion is detected or the G-Sensor is triggered, the camera will automatically wake-up and start recording.

– Loop Recording With 24 Hour Monitoring – The recorded video footage can be set to 1, 2, or 3 minutes long. Seamless loop recording automatically overwrites the oldest ones on the SD card when it is full. The emergency footage is automatically locked for file backup when an accident happens.

– Night Vision Mode – The HD Dashboard Camera Monitor gives you 1080P clear and bright images even at night or on rainy days.

With its front and rear protection, or its ability of continuous loop recording, The Autowit Dual Dash Camera model is ideal for all those who value safe driving.

To learn more about Autowit Front & Rear Dual Dash Camera, please visit the Amazon product page.

About GenHigh
GenHigh’s mission is to provide consumers worldwide access to high-quality, elegantly-designed smart devices engineered with the latest innovations in technology matched with precision craftsmanship. We are headquartered in China. GenHigh was founded in 2017 with operations in the US and Japan. GenHigh is committed to our goal of connecting consumers & communities through our everyday products. For more information, please visit

About Autowit
Autowit is a brand that offers the coolest car accessories at the best prices to provide more safety and comfort for your daily driving. Whether you want to modify your car's performance or add high-tech electronics to drive smartly, our great selection of high-quality products with cutting-edge technology solutions will just fit the bill. Choose one of our car accessories to enhance the driving experience.

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Equipment Financing helps ease Capital Expense, shortens Return on Investment for Machine Vision Customers

MoviTHERM and MoviMED Logo

Equipment Financing

Epsilon Technologies International, LLC doing business as MoviMED & MoviTHERM is partnering with SCL Equipment Finance to offer attractive equipment financing

We are excited to help our customers realize their automation goals faster. Our new equipment finance programs help accelerate their return on investment, while preserving their working capital!”

— Markus Tarin, President & CEO, MoviTHERM

IRVINE, CA, USA, November 28, 2018 / — The need to innovate and automate using machine vision technology is often hindered by lengthy capital expense budget approval processes. Consumer products get shipped un-inspected and processes go un-monitored for months on end while waiting for internal budget approvals. Continual process improvements are being put on hold, while awaiting completion of the lengthy financial approval process. Smaller companies may face additional challenges by not being able to afford a highly sought-after machine vision solution at all.

Flexible equipment financing options can be a valuable tool in overcoming these challenges of today’s manufacturers. For example, a lease-to-own program will allow a company to acquire capital equipment in a short period of time and put it to work, while making affordable monthly payments. More often than not, the monthly return on investment of the machine vision equipment exceeds the cost of the lease payment, thus leading to an instant positive cash flow.

Additionally, customers can take advantage of the recently changed tax laws to fully write off the purchase price of the equipment in the first year, while stretching the payments over two, three or more years.
As interest rates are rising, more companies are electing to take advantage of equipment financing to stay competitive and keep innovating, while preserving their working capital.

About MoviTHERM (
MoviTHERM – Advanced Thermography Solutions is a FLIR Systems, Inc. distributor for FLIR thermal cameras and application specific thermal imaging solutions. The company offers infrared thermal imaging systems for remote monitoring, automated thermal imaging and non-destructive testing. Thermal imaging solutions include: Non-Destructive Test Systems for Flash/Pulse Thermography, Transient Thermography and Lockin Thermography for Carbon Composites, thermal monitoring for electrical sub-stations, fire detection, critical vessel monitoring, condition and machine monitoring, gas flare stack monitoring, thermal package seal inspection systems, optical gas leak detection and many other temperature related process control and monitoring applications. MoviTHERM also provides components for integrators that would like to build their own thermal imaging systems, such as thermal cameras, protective housing and enclosures for aerospace, oil and gas, industrial, general manufacturing and research.

About MoviMED (
MoviMED is a distributor and systems integrator for industrial 3D Imaging Solutions. The company is located in Irvine, CA, USA. Founded in 1999, the company employs a customer-centered business model to provide cost-effective and targeted solutions for manufacturing companies in a variety of industries. Competencies include advanced 3D imaging with technologies such as time of flight sensors, stereoscopic imaging, laser triangulation and confocal microscopy. MoviMED provides sensors and cameras, know-how, consulting, technical support as well as custom software development all the way to turnkey system solutions. Design capabilities also include complex motion control and robotics for scanning, part manipulation as well as pick and place applications. MoviMED is a National Instruments Alliance Partner Silver – Vision Specialty.

About SCL Equipment Finance (
Southern California Leasing, Inc., and its division – SCL Equipment Finance, has been in business since 1992. The company is a nationwide equipment financing company servicing small-to-mid-sized businesses in the United States and Canada. One of the unique things the company offers is the ability to structure various lease transactions and bring funding to all types of businesses. SCL finance has a particularly strong presence in the broadcast/production, construction, medical and packaging industries. Utilizing multiple funding sources, SCL Finance provides highly competitive rates, flexible terms, fast credit approvals and custom-tailored financing solutions to their customers. Other than their traditional equipment financing programs, they also have working capital and SBA programs available to businesses.

Media Contact:

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Applying for Equipment Financing is easy!

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