Global Pumps Market Regional & Competitive Analysis over the forecast period 2018-2023

Pumps have always been an important machinery in the industrial sector.

HYDERABAD, TELANGANA, INDIA, September 14, 2018 / — Pumps have always been an important machinery in the industrial sector. Earlier pumps were used for raising water through waterwheels and sophisticated Archimedes screw. The improvement in technology led to the development of various forms of pumps depending upon the energy imparted to the fluid. The components and directional flows in pumps are making its market vast. Nikkiso Co. Ltd, Alfa Laval, Hitachi Heavy Machineries, Albany Pumps and Sulzer Ltd are some of the key companies involved in mechanized pumps.
Nikkiso Co. Ltd, a Japan based firm deliver its product services in different industrial and medical sectors. The company provides specialized pumps for diverse conditions through its products such as canned motor pumps, reciprocating pumps and cryogenic submerged motor pumps.
Canned motor pumps is best suited for high temperature and dangerous liquids as it possess leak proof construction. The reciprocating pumps provides high discharge accuracy at high pressure without leakage and cryogenic submerged motor pumps are suitable for transportation of liquefied gas.

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Alfa Laval is Sweden based company which provides centrifugal pumps and circumferential piston pumps. The company has variety of centrifugal pumps which are used for evaporation, high pressure, and self-priming and high purity applications. The circumferential piston pumps is especially designed for transporting the low viscosity products at higher discharge pressure. This increase in discharge pressure is highly suitable for food, dairy and beverage applications.

Hitachi Heavy Machineries provides the axial flow, suction volute and multi-stage turbine pumps for various applications such as agriculture, sewage treatment and others. These pumps possess the extensive know-how technologies such as cost reduction in construction, equipment reliability and energy conservation.
Albany Pumps makes a wide range of standard, customized and specialized external gear, twin screw, internal lobe and centrifugal pumps. The external gear pump are often used for lubrication in machine tools, fluid power transfer unit in engine. The external gear pump consist spur, single and double helical gears. The two or more screws of twin screw pump is used for transporting the fluids along the axis.

It is widely used in marine markets as it is capable of handling wide range of viscosities because of hydrocarbon liquids and efficiently pumping at the range of temperatures. The rotor in internal lobe is capable of pumping high viscosity liquids at low rotational speeds. Similarly the buckets of centrifugal pumps rotates the liquid in its closed coupled unit to pump the liquid through discharge end.
Sulzer Ltd provides the wide range of pumping solutions. The firm provides the efficient solution of pumping through axial flow and split pumps, drainage pumps, single and two stage pumps, slurry pumps and others. The axial and split pumps are used to target industry application such as carbon dioxide injection, boiler feed and others. The usage of AquaTronic unit in drainage pumps provide the remedial approach in direction of impeller rotation, ensure performance and reduces wear of pump.

The companies are providing the same mechanized pumps with slight change in the components. Different types of pumps are available in the market working on same principle. Companies are continuously meeting the demand for high efficiency and reliability for different industrial applications. The pumps in the near future can go digitized which can be imparted in agriculture use to help in remote fault diagnosis. The pumps can be connected to the cloud technology through IoT to keep an eye on the functionality of pumps. The generated data can be stored in cloud so that companies can analyze the data and get insight to improve their product. It can also be utilized in providing technical assistance without having to be on site.

Claro Energy Private Ltd is a startup company started in 2011 solar powered water pumping solution provider. The firm is providing surface pumps and submersible pumps for agriculture and household needs. The firm is using modern and advanced technology remote monitoring for fault diagnosis of pump, GIS mapping, change over for battery charging in solar pumping and other. The firm got total funding of $2 million in year 2015.
The solar pumps can be the important driving factor in various pumping applications. The usage of solar pumps can benefit the agriculture sector as these pumps can operate on the energy produced through solar cells. It will abolish the need for power through transmission line and can store the energy to the batteries. The solar pumps can cover the rural areas and can be beneficial to developing countries or the countries facing the power generation challenges to boost their agriculture sector.

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Pumps market report is segmented as indicated below:
1. Pumps Market – By Classification
1.1. Axial Flow Pump
1.1.1. Vertical Shaft Axial Flow Pump
1.1.2. Horizontal Shaft Axial Flow Pump
1.1.3. Sea Water/ Brine Injection Pump
1.2. Semi Axial Flow Pump
1.2.1. Vertical Shaft Semi-Axial Flow Pump
1.2.2. Horizontal Shaft Semi-Axial Flow Pump
1.3. Double Suction Volute Pump
1.3.1. Horizontal Double Suction Volute Pump
1.4. Single Suction Volute Pump
1.4.1. Vertical Overhang Volute Pump
1.5. Multi Stage Turbine Pump

2. Pumps Market – By Pump Type
2.1. Residential Pumps
2.1.1. Self-Priming Mini Pumps
2.1.2. Shallow well jet pumps
2.1.3. Jet Pumps
2.1.4. Heavy Duty self-Priming Pumps
2.1.5. Open well Submersible Pumps
2.1.6. Compressor Pumps
2.1.7. Borewell Submersibles
2.1.8. Single Pump Booster
2.2. Agricultural Pumps
2.2.1. Open well Submersible Pump
2.2.2. Borewell Submersible Pump
2.2.3. Centrifugal Monoset Pumps
2.3. Special Purpose Pumps
2.3.1. Sewage Pumps
2.3.2. Swimming Pool Pumps
2.3.3. Multistage Pumps
2.3.4. Garden Pumps
2.3.5. Pressure Washing Pump
2.3.6. Circulating Pump
2.3.7. Hydro-Pneumatic System
2.4. Solar Pumps
2.4.1. Solar Submersible pumps
2.4.2. Solar Monobloc Pump

3. Pumps Market – By Application
3.1. Water Supply
3.2. Agriculture
3.3. Sewer System
3.4. Drainage
3.5. Power Station
3.6. Oil and Gas

4. Pumps Market – By Market Entropy
5. Pumps Market – By Geography

Companies Cited / Interviewed / Referenced
Alfa Laval
Ebara Corporation
Atlas Capco
Company 15+

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