This coccyx cushion eases sacrum pain and delivers the sciatica pain relief you’ve dreamed about.

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Liliyo Coccyx Cushion

Tens of thousands of customers are extremely happy and satisfied that they've found a solution to their lower back pain problems using the Liliyo™ Seat Cushion.

At Liliyo™ we're a small dedicated team with one purpose: help you optimize wellness, achieve remarkable comfort, with game-changing products that make people happy.”

— Julia W.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 28, 2017 / — Tremendous feedback from customers who have been using Liliyo’s original Coccyx Seat Cushion to ease their coccyx pain, has been heard throughout all of 2016. Here's what one Amazon customer (M.Mak) had to say: "This made so much difference for me! I have severe tailbone pain and have tried 3 different pillows, and this is the keeper! I love that it comes with extra covers, and the handy carrying case is really nice as well. The coccyx cushion is contoured nicely and fits my behind really well, leaving the hole for my tailbone in the right place, and puts no pressure whatsoever on my coccyx. Finally, relief! There's no undue pressure put on the back of my thighs either, and I can push the cushion forward or backwards so it sists in just the right place. It works great in the car, on the floor, in a chair, on the couch, everywhere I've tried it. It's really been worth every penny and then some. I'd have happily paid twice the price for this much sacrum pain relief and ease of use. 

Donut pillows didn't do it, because sitting in a hole didn't allow me to get the pressure off my tailbone without sitting in a slouch position which hurt my back. A solid cushion didn't help, because there was still pressure on my tailbone which was the problem to begin with. 

This pillow feels firm when you squeeze it, but doesn't feel hard when you sit on it. It gives nicely, but also supports you and keeps you comfortable. It takes all the pressure off your tailbone and allows you to sit in a normal position, which also supports your back. So if you have back issues (which I also do) this is really an excellent cushion and the best of all the ones I've tried. I highly recommend it."

The team at Liliyo™ felt touched and really appreciative of such great 5 star feedback, that they've implemented a "giving back" program to donate part of the proceeds to several domestic and international chiropractor associations. Give the coccyx cushion a try, and feel the wonders that it will do for you! For more information visit

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LILIYO® Seat Cushion – Best Selling Coccyx Cushion

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